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Digital Good Works


A Digital Revolution for a Revolution of Good

"We understand the promise of digital transformation and how to navigate the interconnected legal and business challenges that enterprises of all sizes face. Right now, companies and non-profit organizations have a unique opportunity to leverage the digital revolution to serve their communities and expand their socially responsible footprint in the world. Crowell & Moring’s Digital Good Works program allows our lawyers and consultants to partner with our clients on this journey so they can do more good in more places."
- Philip T. Inglima, Crowell & Moring chair

The digital revolution is transforming our world, and is empowering companies and people who care to harness technology for the public good. In Crowell & Moring’s Digital Good Works program, our team partners with clients on first-of-their-kind projects that leverage new technology to help others.

Crowell & Moring’s multidisciplinary Digital Transformation Practice represents clients who are reinventing their products, customer experiences, and business models—and transforming the marketplace as a result. We have a longstanding commitment to public service, and we understand the power of the digital revolution. We know you are working to use technology for the public interest—from advancing humanitarian aid to improving pediatric care—and your projects are always in need of more resources.

Crowell & Moring’s Digital Good Works program co-ventures with both for-profit companies and non-profit entities to explore new opportunities and help pave the way for digital revolution to bring a revolution of good. For selected projects within the program, our team offers creative fee structures, free and reduced legal services, and innovative approaches to client service.

Our Team

Our Digital Transformation team includes lawyers, technologists, and consultants who focus on the full lifecycle of technology innovation and the legal and business challenges that can follow, including transactional, regulatory, litigation, privacy and cybersecurity, and intellectual property concerns.

What Are Digital Good Works?

  • Using drones to provide health care supplies to remote locations.
  • Recycling plastics for 3D printed prosthetics for the disabled.
  • Leveraging Internet of Things technology to connect schoolchildren with hot meals.
  • Making online charitable donations safer through blockchain technology.
  • Bringing robotic companions to pediatric care centers.

Digital Good Works Services

  • Blueprint mapping and legal needs assessment
  • Action plan development, rollout, and training
  • Regulatory monitoring and counseling
  • Contracting assistance
  • Risk counseling and mitigation
  • Privacy and cybersecurity counseling
  • Litigation readiness
  • Securing IP and obtaining protection

Talk with Us

All organizations that are leading digital transformation initiatives to advance the public good are eligible to participate including corporations, entrepreneurs, and NGOs. We invite you to share your projects with us and explore how Crowell & Moring can help join you in creating Digital Good Works.

For more information, contact Cheryl Falvey or Scott Winkelman.