Government Affairs

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the White House and Congress front and center once again. It has also created risk for many American companies at the intersection of law, health and politics as oversight at the federal and state level escalates and efforts to monitor and potentially regulate businesses are on the rise.

Whether your business has already been impacted by the current wave of Congressional and government investigations related to COVID-19, is seeking to stay ahead of the curve of inquiries into the award of CARES Act funds, or is concerned about upcoming COVID-19 legislation, our highly experienced team of former Congressional staffers and executive branch officials bring a valuable combination of extensive Capitol Hill experience, successful public policy advocacy, key relationships on both sides of the political aisle, and significant Congressional legal experience to the table. Our team is deeply involved in understanding the motivations and interactions between legislators and regulators at all levels of government, and excels at providing high-level legal representation and counseling without losing sight of the political nature of many of these inquiries.

Below is a list of recent client alerts that showcases our dedication towards these business critical issues.