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Commercial Litigation


Business litigation is not without risk, nor is it for the faint of heart. All companies — and their legal counsel — should be prepared to advance and defend their interests in court whenever necessary and through all possible means. With proper planning, however, many commercial disputes can be avoided altogether or resolved in a manner that minimizes conflict and expense, and facilitates preservation of important relationships.

We combine our deep knowledge of the law with our courtroom skills to help clients in a wide variety of industries achieve their objectives in high-stakes matters. We routinely handle all manner of commercial litigation matters for our clients including contract disputes and tort claims, to, fraud claims, to trade secrets, trademarks copyrights, to consumer class actions, to matters involving antitrust and financial services.

In every engagement, we strive to understand our clients' businesses from the inside out. Blending this intimate knowledge of our clients' objectives with our broad industry experience and strategic approach, we are able to set forth dispute-resolution strategies that help clients achieve their goals while taking into account regulatory and market forces.

With a powerful group of lawyers located in offices across the United States, Europe, and Asia we view litigation as both an intelligent defensive strategy and opportunity to protect and expand revenue.