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Chemicals: Representative Engagements


Representative Engagements

  • Building product/property damage litigation. We were retained by a major asbestos manufacturer, Eagle-Picher Industries, to supervise nationwide litigation in sixteen states regarding claims of property damage filed by states, cities and school districts. We devised among the most successful won-loss records in this area of litigation, achieving dismissal of 108 of 150 cases filed.
  • Asbestos litigation. We served as national Coordinating Counsel for an asbestos manufacturer in approximately 150 cases involving the alleged risks to building inhabitants from installed products containing asbestos, and requests by building owners to recover the costs of removal of such products.
  • Silica product litigation. We served as national coordinating counsel for a manufacturer of silica-containing products for personal injury claims arising from exposure to such products.
  • Benzene litigation. We serve as counsel with regard to a series of benzene exposure cases involving alleged blood disorders in workers resulting from airborne exposures in various plants. We assist the client in formulating strategy, managing discovery and expert development, and overseeing motions practice.
  • CERCLA litigation. We represented Mobil Oil Corporation to obtain a 100% release of future response costs and a payment of $1.55 million to Mobil from the US Government for previously incurred response costs.
  • Patent litigation. We represented defendant Mylan in multidistrict ANDA patent infringement action involving generic NUVIGIL drug used to treat excessive sleepiness, successfully defeating motion for preliminary injunction and securing favorable settlement.
  • Trade secret litigation. We represented plaintiff DuPont in case alleging misappropriation of over 100 trade secrets relating to KEVLAR® fiber technology in one of the largest trade secret misappropriation cases in the United States. Obtained a $919 million verdict against Kolon for the theft of KEVLAR® technology after an seven-week jury trial held in Richmond, Virginia.
  • CDTA/DEA enforcement. We represented a corporation in negotiations with the DEA to address issues with the storage and transfer of several List 1 chemicals at multiple manufacturing facilities, and assisted the client in rewriting their internal regulations regarding the use and handling of List 1 chemicals.