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Chemical Products Liability Conference

October 4 - 5, 2006 • Chicago, IL

If you represent a company that manufactures or handles chemicals, you are aware of the severe risks involved. Implementing measures to prevent a risk from turning into a liability is the only way to protect your client from potentially bankrupting litigation. As a litigator, your courtroom arsenal has to match – and exceed – the ever-expanding tools utilized by plaintiffs’ attorneys. This intensive conference will go beyond the standard issues and delve into some of the most challenging issues your practice presents. You will benefit from our expert faculty’s thorough analyses on using scientific and genetic evidence to aid your defense, and receive practical strategies you can apply directly to your next case. Private and in-house counsel immersed in the world of chemical litigation (or trying to avoid it) will share their views on some of the hottest issues such as:

Analyzing the Rhode Island lead paint dispute and applying lessons to your claims

  • Counseling clients on safety and prevention strategies
  • How the chemical litigation climate has changed since the Bates decision
  • Using genetic studies to bolster your defense
  • Undermining the plaintiff ’s use of animal studies
  • Preparing for an e-discovery request in a chemical case
  • Complying with regulatory standards in the EU & Asia-Pacific

You can also ensure maximum protection against overexposure by the media if you attend our interactive workshop, Preparing for and Confronting the Media’s Response to a Major Chemical Litigation. This intensive session will show you how to prepare for a media invasion the next time you are hit with a major lawsuit. Take this opportunity to get the information you need from leading-edge legal practitioners as you network with colleagues. Delegates also will benefit from the extensive written materials prepared by the speakers especially for this conference.

Michael Martinez will be participating in a panel discussion, 'Using Litigation-Generated Science to Satisfy Challenges—Going Beyond Standard Daubert Analysis,' as part of this two-day conference on Chemical Products Liability. Barry Parsons and Patrick Donnelly will be speaking on 'Persuading the Factfinder to Accept Your View of Chemical Exposure Studies.'

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