Background - Practices (Details)

Strategic Engagement with the U.S. Government

The United States is the world’s largest market, a leading trade and investment partner, and a model for economic and regulatory policymaking around the world.  C&M International advises and supports clients in their strategic engagement with the U.S. government to shape U.S. and international trade and investment policies, as well as the U.S. and international regulatory landscapes.  C&M International also works with clients to partner with the U.S. government to solve issues in third country markets, and as a resource and knowledge partner in multilateral forums.

Members of our senior staff have been deeply engaged in every major international trade negotiation of the past three decades. We know the U.S. government, we know the dynamics of the negotiating table and how policies are developed, and we know the issues.  We also work closely with the key trade and economic policy players in the U.S. government at the White House, on Capitol Hill, in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, and in the departments of Commerce, State, Treasury, HHS, including the FDA, and USDA among others.

The respect in which we are held by agencies of the U.S. government and on Capitol Hill, by embassies and in foreign capitals, at the WTO, and by principals in other international bodies such as the UN, EU, ASEAN, OECD, WHO, and APEC, means that we bring the knowledge, experience, partnerships, critical networks and, most importantly, the creativity to help our clients achieve their objectives in the U.S. and globally.

Case Studies

  • Each year we design and execute comprehensive programs for American trade associations based abroad to inform the Congress and the Administration, and the broader trade and economic policy community of the situation on the ground in country and advance specific policy priorities.  These “doorknocks” are found by all to be extremely influential as the U.S. government determines its approach to these foreign countries. We work closely with our clients to refine their objectives and messaging and develop highly customized programs that include senior administration officials, members of Congress, think tanks, embassies, and other stakeholders. 
  • For over thirty years we have advised clients in all aspects of their engagement with the U.S. government on economic and regulatory issues.  This has included analyzing key developments in U.S. economic and regulatory policy and the impact on our client’s interests, including opportunities to increase the bottom line, as well as developing strategies and messaging for clients to use in their discussions with the U.S. government.  We also represent clients directly in advocacy and negotiations with Congress and the administration.
  • We work with a number of associations in partnership with the U.S. government and other Asia-Pacific governments to improve and better align the regulatory environment abroad in a number of sectors, including chemicals, ICT, food and agriculture, and health, using a range of multilateral and bilateral platforms.  Aligning regulatory approaches to product approvals or the operating environment represent huge potential savings by our clients.