Background - Practices (Details)

Navigate and Shape Policies/Regulations

We have access to key policymakers and regulators in the U.S. administration and Congress, government ministries worldwide, and regional and international organizations. From Brussels to Beijing, São Paulo to Seoul, APEC to ASEAN, the World Trade Organization to the World Health Organization, the World Bank to the International Monetary Fund, we know the players well and are well positioned to advance your issue in any country or in any forum.

How we help

  • Stakeholder mapping. Want to know the who makes decisions and influences the shaping of a policy or regulation? We will identify them, analyze where they stand on your issue, and advise on how they should be approached.
  • Engagement strategies. Want to influence the policies or regulations within a key growth market or at the international level? We develop step-by-step strategies for achieving outcomes nearly anywhere. We will make sure you get to the right people, at the right moment, with the right message.
  • Advocacy support. We will obtain a meeting with key decision-makers and ensure that you are prepared to successfully deliver critical messages.
  • Coalition building and management. From non-governmental organizations (NGO) to think tanks to local stakeholders, we will identify and vet the right partners.
  • Private-public partnerships. We will conceive and launch programs with governmental entities that impact your sector.
  • Monitoring. We will provide comprehensive surveillance of policy or regulatory developments in key markets and, if necessary, help to access decision makers to ensure that any changes are fully informed by your perspectives. Or, we will help you anticipate and prepare for the impact of elections in a particular country.

Where we engage

  • In country. In the markets that matter to you. From China's national health policy to Brazil's intellectual property regime.
  • Government-to-government. We work formal and informal channels. Plus, we know how to leverage free trade agreements, bilateral investment treaties, and other vehicles to advance your issue.
  • Regional level. Often, the best forum to advance an issue is at the regional level because issues are presented in a less threatening way. C&M International is the preeminent consultancy in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC), which includes 21 countries that, together, account for more than half of the world's GDP.
  • Global level. We know the World Trade Organization (WTO) inside and out. We have helped advise on issues in the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). We also have excellent relationships at the World Bank and the IMF and have counseled clients on the negotiations of international treaties that impact their business.

Case Studies

  • Stakeholder mapping. For a company combating rampant counterfeiting in China, we identified the policy levers available to address the issue.
  • Engagement strategies. For a client whose product is heavily counterfeited and smuggled, we organized a global advocacy campaign in 180 markets around the world to influence the development of international policy aimed at significantly reducing international counterfeiting and smuggling.
  • Advocacy support. For a U.S. industry facing trade retaliation in Brazil, we organized a campaign to counter that threat.
  • Coalition building and management. For a large U.S. industry group, we conceived and helped implement a public-private sector dialogue in APEC to reduce overly restrictive regulations that would otherwise significantly raise its business costs.
  • Private-public partnerships. For the life sciences industry, we helped to establish and launched what is now the premier policy forum for advancing medical innovation in the Asia-Pacific region, bringing together academia, business, and government.
  • Monitoring. For a global consumer goods company, we provided comprehensive surveillance of regulatory developments in key Asian markets, identifying regulatory changes related to product safety, labeling, and marketing. In addition, we ensured that any regulatory changes were fully informed by our client's perspectives.