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Resilient Economy

This pillar will seek commitments on supply chains with the goal of mitigating and preventing future supply chain disruptions and securing critical sectors and key products for manufacturers of vital goods. The IPEF partners will work to identify goods that are critical to their national security, and to promote support for new physical and digital infrastructures to strengthen long-term supply. Member states will also work to ensure that their labor practices will promote sustainable and resilient supply chains.

The Resilient Economy pillar will prioritize key issue areas, including:

  • Establishing criteria for what are a critical sectors or goods;
  • Increasing resiliency and investment in critical sectors and for critical goods;
  • Establishing an information-sharing and crisis response mechanism;
  • Strengthened supply chain logistics;
  • Upholding and improving the role of workers in critical sectors; and
  • Improved supply chain transparency.

During the December 10-15th negotiating session, the Department of Commerce noted that it shared text for the resilient economy pillar with negotiating partners, and held in-depth conversations with negotiators and stakeholders. However, specifics are not yet known. Reportedly, the Commerce department’s text was “extensive” and focused on cooperation and collaboration, per a source close to the talks.