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Clean Economy

This pillar will seek cutting-edge commitments on clean energy, decarbonization, and green and climate change resistant-infrastructure. It will advance cooperation in “research, development, commercialization, availability, accessibility, and deployment of clean energy” and establish policy frameworks, public-private partnerships, and platforms to deliver sustainable projects and jobs.

Specifically, the Clean Economy pillar focuses on a number of policy areas including:

  • Energy security and the clean energy transition;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction in priority high-emitting sectors;
  • Sustainable land, water, and ocean solutions;
  • Developing technologies to remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere; and
  • Incentivizing the transition to the clean energy economy.

During the December 10-15th negotiating session, the Department of Commerce noted that it shared a concept paper for the clean economy pillar with negotiating partners, and held in-depth conversations with negotiators and stakeholders. However, specifics are not yet known.