Background - Practices (Details)
Advise Sovereign Governments

For more than twenty years, C&M International has advised dozens of governments on their trade and investment policies, focusing particularly on bilateral trade relations with the United States, and effectively navigating the World Trade Organization (WTO).

What sets us apart is our experience and access. Members of our senior staff have been deeply engaged in every major international trade negotiation of the past three decades. We know the U.S. government, and we know the dynamics of the negotiating table.

We are also very familiar with the key trade policy players in the U.S. government at the White House, on Capitol Hill, in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, and in the departments of Commerce, State, and Treasury. Together with our superior contacts in foreign capitals, at the WTO, and in other international bodies such as the UN, EU, ASEAN, and APEC, we bring unparalleled knowledge, experience, and networks to our sovereign government clients, so they achieve their objectives at the negotiating table.