Background - Practices (Details)
Access New Markets

Success in a new market, especially emerging markets, is not just about doing due diligence or lining up financing. Success often depends on investing in the right relationships and entering a market with a predicable regulatory environment.

Want to ensure a smooth market entry by investing in strong relationships?

We have found that companies and industries that make "policy investments" in advance of entering a market receive substantial dividends in the form of closer and more responsive relationships with the host government, and more industry-friendly policies and regulations. We conceive and launch private-public partnerships with the government ministries that will be regulating your business, and we activate our networks to make sure it has support from the highest levels.

Need to obtain a license to operate?

We will craft a customized engagement strategy to position your company to obtain licenses to operate ahead of competitors.

Seeking to mitigate regulatory or other obstacles to entering a market?

Whether it is a discriminatory rule or limits on foreign ownership, changing the rules may make the difference between success and failure in a new market. We develop policy-based strategies to make the rules work for you.

Case Studies

  • For several major financial services companies, we helped to secure licenses to operate in key Asian markets, such as China and Vietnam
  • For one of the world's leading technology companies, we helped shift the policy environment to better position the company in key Asian markets
  • For a major consumer goods company, we helped support its entry into the Vietnam market by creating a public-private partnership program with Vietnamese regulators