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Privacy and Cybersecurity


IoT Open Table Discussion: Legal and IT Risks & Challenges

April 4, 2019 • Brussels, Belgium

Starts: 12:00 PM (GMT)
Ends: 2:00 PM (GMT)
Site: Crowell & Moring
Address: Rue Joseph Stevens 7, B-1000 Brussels View Map (view map)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing how businesses, consumers, and public infrastructure interact by connecting everyday electronic devices to the Internet and to one another. This phenomenon is no longer restricted to a business context, as more and more people see the advantages of IoT products for their own personal use.

While IoT certainly has a promising future, there are significant risks and pitfalls to take into consideration. This presentation addresses them from both a legal and cybersecurity perspective.

In particular, the Crowell & Moring speakers will address questions regarding product liability, the allocation of responsibilities with regard to the data collected by IoT devices, data ownership, and the labor and employment implications of the professional use of IoT devices.

Cylance, a US-based company specialized in AI/ML for cybersecurity, on the other hand, will focus on the value potential and how different businesses and organizations deal with IoT: how they use it, how it can impact them, how it can affect their internal and external exposure. Cylance will also cover the most common cybersecurity risks related to IoT devices and give practical advice on how to mitigate them.

The open table will be provided in English. 

  • Tom Pace, Senior Director, Cylance Inc.
  • Maarten Stassen, Crowell & Moring partner, Privacy & Cybersecurity
  • Emmanuel Plasschaert, Crowell & Moring Partner, Labor & Employment
  • Eric Montens, Crowell & Moring Counsel, Corporate & Commercial
  • Heidi Waem, Crowell & Moring Counsel, Privacy & Cybersecurity
The open table will be provided in English.

For questions about this seminar, please contact Danica Schiefer.
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Maarten Stassen
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