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Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology


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Presentations "Regulatory Roundtable - A View from Industry in DC on the Road Ahead in the Trump Administration," Energy & Mineral Law Foundation 38th Annual Institute, Williamsburg, VA May.22.2017
Presentations "The Clean Power Plan - Where Are We Now?" Energy & Mineral Law Foundation 38th Annual Institute, Williamsburg, VA May.22.2017
Presentations "Legal Issues Associated with Blockchain," RAA’s Discussion Series on Blockchain, New York, NY May.09.2017
Presentations "BLOCKCHAIN: Healthcare Applications, Legal Challenges and Moving Beyond the Hype Cycle," Blue Plan Legal Department Cooperative 2017 National Teleconference Series May.03.2017
Publications Smart Contracts: A Smart Way to Automate Performance 2017
Presentations "Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts: An Opportunity For the Commercial Finance Industry?" ACFA, New York, NY Jan.25.2017
Publications Inside NHTSA's Proposed Cybersecurity Best Practices Nov.15.2016
Publications "Regulation of Blockchains and DLT – It’s All in How You Use It," Ethisphere Nov.14.2016
Presentations "How Blockchain Will Affect HIPAA," Distributed: Health, Nashville, TN Oct.03.2016
Publications Blockchain Technology Holds Promise for Health IT Sep.26.2016
Client Alerts Top 6 Tips for Blockchain Start-Ups Aug.30.2016
Publications A Surprising Use for Blockchain: Shared National Credit Exams Aug.05.2016
Presentations "Smart Contracts & Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)," 8th Blockchain Conference, Washington, D.C. Aug.02.2016
Client Alerts Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers: Can New Technologies Enhance Risk Management in Import/Export Supply Chains? Jul.28.2016
Publications How Distributed Ledgers Impact Post-Trade in a Dodd-Frank World Jul.09.2016
Client Alerts The DAO Hack Provides Lessons for Companies Using Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Jun.27.2016
Publications Blockchain - the Next Big Thing? May.20.2016