Background - Practices (Details)

Speeches & Presentations

  • "Aircraft Transactions: What Can Go Wrong?," 2018 Business Aircraft Finance, Registration & Legal Conference, Fort Myers, FL (March 19, 2018). Presenter: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "Drones, Technology, and Markets: Caught in the Crosshairs of Federal Regulators & Cyber Spies," Drones Incoming! Program, ABA Annual Meeting, Chicago IL (July 30-August 4, 2015). Presenter: David Z. Bodenheimer.
  • "Flight Department Company aka 'Illegal Air Charter;'" "Understanding Management Agreements;" "DOT & IRS Position on Brokering of Charter Flights;" Conklin & de Decker and NATA Annual Commercial Operators Tax Seminar, Chantilly, VA (July 14-15, 2014). Speaker: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "Corporate Counsel Litigation Forum: Strategies & Trends in Effective Value-Based Billing," Crowell & Moring's Corporate Counsel Litigation Forum Webinar Series (June 23, 2015). Moderator: Jerome A. Murphy; Panelists: Robert A. Lipstein, Matthew Laws, Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein, and Justin Ergler.
  • "Don't Crash & Burn: Dealing with Aircraft Transactions," Crowell & Moring's 2014 National SALT Summit, Washington, D.C. (November 6, 2014). Speakers: Jeremy Abrams and Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "Training in Aviation Regulations Applicable to Manufacturers and Repair Stations," Major Parts Manufacturer Seminar (November 2013). Presenter: Paul Alp.
  • "The Ever-Expanding Impact of Federal Excise Tax on Business Aircraft Operations," NBAA Business Aircraft Transactions Conference, New York, NY (2012); NBAA Annual Convention, Orlando, FL (2012). Speaker: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "Aftermath of Flight 3407: Future Flight Duty, Rest & Other Regulations," National Business Aviation Association (October 31, 2012). Presenter: Paul Alp.
  • "FAA/DOT Regulatory and Operational Issues," NBAA Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference, Orlando, FL (2012). Speaker: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "The Importance of Management Agreements and Their Relationship to the FARs," Conklin & De Decker/NATA Commercial Operators Tax Seminar, Scottsdale, AZ (2012). Speaker: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "If Things Are Better Why Am I Still Nervous? Reducing Risk In A Closing – Best Practices," NBAA Aircraft Registration Conference, Delray, FL (2012). Speaker: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • Annual Meeting of the ABA Tort, Trial & Insurance Practice Section, Aviation & Space Law Committee (October 20, 2011). Moderator: Paul Alp.
  • "Know Your Customer: It's Not Just for Lenders Anymore, " NBAA Business Aircraft Transactions Conference, New York, NY (2011). Speaker: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "Operational and Aircraft Management Issues in Transition," NBAA Aircraft Registration Conference, Naples, FL (2011). Speaker: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "New Challenges for Charter Operators," NBAA Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference, Atlanta, GA (2010). Speaker: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "Liability of Charter Operators for FET on Flights Sold Through Brokers," NATA Air Charter Summit, Chantilly, VA (2010). Speaker: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "The Shift to Leases: Negotiating the Lease Agreement," inSight 17th Annual Aircraft Registry Forum, Fort Lauderdale, FL (2010). Panelist: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "Protecting the Asset: Insurance Planning for Difficult Situations," inSight 15th Annual Corporate Aircraft Transactions, New York, NY (2010). Speaker: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "The Criminalization of Aviation Accidents: Are We Heading Toward or Away From Safer Skies," Aviation Insurance Association, Vancouver, Canada (2010). Speaker: Eileen M. Gleimer.
  • "Creating Charter Management Agreements" and "How FARs Impact Charter Management Agreements," Conklin & deDecker Aviation Information Charter Operations and Management Tax Course, Indianapolis, IN (2010); San Antonio, TX (2009). Speaker: Eileen M. Gleimer.