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ACI - Aviation Litigation Conference

June 26-27, 2012 • Boston, MA

The aviation industry is at a crossroads, facing unique challenges including large scale products liability claims arising from malfunctions and crashes in and out of the United States, increasing tarmac delay and TSA security check claims alleging violations of passenger rights and privacy, and the potential for criminal liability arising out of airline operations and non-compliance.  These challenges, coupled with the FAA and NTSB cracking down on connecting carrier liability and other safety matters and a creative and motivated plaintiffs’ bar make it critical that outside counsel remain prepared to deal with constantly evolving regulations, case law and new theories of liability and ensure the best defense strategies in order to succeed pre-trial and at trial. 

Now in its fourth year, ACI’s conference on Defending and Managing AVIATION LITIGATION is designed to offer even the most seasoned aviation attorneys valuable insights on solving these challenges and provide unparalleled networking opportunities with the likes of: Jet Blue Airways, Bell Helicopter Textron, XL Insurance Company, British Airways, Trans States Holding, United Air Lines, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, United States Aviation Underwriters, Garmin International, Air Canada, Honeywell Aerospace, Airbus, Dassault Falcon Jet …and many others.

Lisa Savitt is one of the speakers on the topic of "The International Aviation Market: How to Counsel Your Clients on the Pitfalls & Litigation Risks of Doing Business in BRIC Countries, London, Canada and Puerto Rico."

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