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Crowell & Moring's Sponsorship Initiative 10 Years Later
January 26, 2023 — Law360
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Crowell & Moring Pro Bono Team Asks Supreme Court To Uphold Ruling That Promised New Trial In 1989 Murder Case
January 25, 2023 — The American Lawyer

Torres: Crosley Green's Hope Goes To The U.S. Supreme Court
January 20, 2023 — Florida Today

'Companies Are Increasingly Apprehensive About Competition Authority'
January 19, 2023 — Trends
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Noncompete Ban Tees Up 1st Test Of FTC's Rule Powers
January 6, 2023 — Law360
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FTC Proposes Broad Ban On Noncompetes. Here's What It Means For Businesses And Workers
January 5, 2023 — The Business Journals
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FTC, DOJ Merger Pressure And How To Bear It Under Biden
November 18, 2022 — Law360
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Kroger-Albertsons Antitrust Review Likely To Focus On Local Store Overlap
October 21, 2022 — The Wall Street Journal
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Meta's Giphy Loss Sets New Antitrust Precedent
October 19, 2022 — Axios
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Crosley Green To Remain Free For Now As He Tries To Get Supreme Court To Consider His Case
October 11, 2022 — Florida Today
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A Lawsuit Over Products Marketed as “100% Recyclable” Has Lessons for Fashion
August 15, 2022 — The Fashion Law

Why The UK Is Dragging Its Feet On Regulating Big Tech
August 1, 2022 — ITPro
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Panelists: Khan Should Focus On Enforcement, Not Undemocratic Rule Efforts
June 28, 2022 — Communications Daily
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Top 100 Lawyers 2022 – Jason Murray
May 17, 2022 — Los Angeles Business Journal
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In Westlaw-ROSS Litigation, Judge Allows ROSS’s Antitrust Case To Move Forward, But Tosses ‘Sham Litigation’ Claim
April 26, 2022 — LawSites

Gilead Says Aetna Must Litigate Its HIV Drug Suit In Fed Court
April 7, 2022 — Law360
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'The Career Gap Really Arises From The Moment Children Come Along'
April 1, 2022 — De Tijd
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FTC Secures Victory At Third Circuit In Hospital Merger Challenge
March 23, 2022 — Global Competition Review
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New York Abuse Of Dominance Bill Expected To Advance Again In State Senate
March 7, 2022 — Global Competition Review
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