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September 16, 2022 The Deal* speaks with partner Caroline Brown regarding Biden’s executive order about the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S., which dovetails with the administration’s focus on the competitive consequences of startup purchases by industry powerhouses and private equity rollups. Brown says the directive telegraphs the considerations that CFIUS will have top of mind, and that the review panel could take serial acquisitions under greater consideration (“Biden Warns CFIUS on Serial Acquisitions”). *subscription required

September 13, 2022 Managing IP* quotes Chicago partner Marc Richards, a speaker at the AIPPI 2022 World Congress in San Francisco. In his presentation, Richards observed that there were a lot of start-ups and smaller companies looking to innovate in the metaverse, and IP protection would help them compete with larger players. But he noted that many metaverse applications might be considered ineligible for patent protection under Section 101 in Title 35 of the U.S. Code (“AIPPI 2022: IP Uncertainties Rampant in Metaverse”). *subscription required

September 9, quotes with Chicago partner Jason Stiehl regarding the controversy involving the California Department of Motor Vehicles accusing Tesla of deceptive marketing and threatening to revoke its sales license in the state if the company fails to comply with regulator requirements. According to Stiehl, when a government entity brings up an issue like this, it usually leads to a slew of consumer class actions, which he says is probably a bigger concern for Tesla (“Tesla's Claim That Its Cars Are Self-Driving May Cross the Line From Permitted 'Puffery" to False Advertising”).

September 12, 2022 –  Law360Bloomberg Law,  The National Law Journal,* and Trade Law Daily* features the return of partner Jana del-Cerro, who left the firm to serve in the U.S. State Department. Del-Cerro, a member of the International Trade and Government Contracts groups, served as a regulatory and multilateral affairs analyst in the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls’ policy office. *subscription required

September 8, 2022The National Law Journal* features an interview with Chicago partner Virginia Wolk Marino, who discusses why clearing new brand names with the USPTO and the FDA is an increasingly tricky challenge. Marino explains the law and science around selecting new names for pharmaceuticals that will pass muster in a marketplace that is growing ever more crowded. (“The Name Game's Getting Harder — But This Lawyer's Helping Big Pharma in a Crowded Market”). *subscription required

September 8, 2022 –  Law360 and The National Law Journal* features the return of partner Jana del-Cerro, who left the firm to serve in the U.S. State Department. Del-Cerro, a member of the International Trade and Government Contracts groups, served as a regulatory and multilateral affairs analyst in the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls’ policy office. *subscription required

September 2, 2022BioSpace features an interview with New York partner Anne Li, who discusses how companies — especially in biopharma — are used to protecting their secret formulas and manufacturing expertise. According to Li, what they’re not protecting is the foundational IP required to start a rival company and that’s what’s at risk right now (“Biopharma Needs to Protect More Than Crown Jewel IP to Stay Competitive”).

August 30, 2022Law360 and Bloomberg Law features the arrival of senior counsel Per Midboe, a former Navy attorney with over 10 years of competitive major weapons system acquisition experience at the Naval Sea Systems Command. Midboe brings extensive knowledge in assessing government cost realism analyses, as well as advising clients on other transactions (OTs) and contract administration disputes.

August 26, 2022Crain’s Chicago Business* features an interview with partner Jason Stiehl regarding the expected uptick in lawsuits involving Illinois’ biometric privacy law. Stiel explains that companies can still collect and use biometric information, that this must be disclosed to the consumer. He predicts that technology using voice recognition features will most likely be part of the next wave of lawsuits, as well as “try-on” cases in which people try on clothes via virtual dressing rooms with technology that captures interfacial and body geometry (“Facebook and Google Settled Biometrics Lawsuits. Look for More.”). *subscription required

August 26, 2022Quartz speaks with partner Carlton Greene, former assistant director for transnational threats at the Office of Foreign Assets Control, regarding the U.S. sanctioning blockchain-based software in connection with the investigation of Lazarus Group, which is accused of laundering millions in stolen cryptocurrency. According to Greene, this sanction might be a signal from the Treasury department that decentralized software and entities won’t be excused from its sanctions efforts (“The US Is Making Clear That Crypto Decentralization Is No Defense From Sanctions”).

August 26, 2022E&E News* quotes Ambassador Robert Holleyman, former deputy U.S. trade representative, regarding whether the U.S. can curb reliance on Chinese-based imports for solar panels. Holleyman, who was responsible for trade negotiations with China in the Obama administration, says the new climate law will be a game changer for U.S. solar manufacturing (“What the Climate Law Means for US Solar Manufacturing”). *subscription required

August 22, 2022 – The National Law Journal,* Bloomberg Law, Law360Commercial Dispute Resolution,* and Politico feature the arrival of partner Mohamed Awan, who focuses his practice on consumer class actions, complex commercial litigation, and financial services litigation. *subscription required

August 17, 2022 The Wall Street Journal* speaks with partner William Bruno about AMC’s plans to issue a special dividend, which sent its shares soaring. Bruno describes the move as a stock split on steroids that gives investors more optionality (“What Investors Need to Know About AMC's APE Units: A Stock 'Split on Steroids'”). *subscription required

August 17, 2022Bloomberg Law interviews San Francisco partner Warrington Parker regarding Vanessa Bryant suing Los Angeles County. Bryant claims her privacy was invaded when sheriff’s deputies and firefighters shared photos from the site of a helicopter crash where NBA star Kobe Bryant and their daughter were killed. Listen to the podcast here.

August 11, 2022 – Real Deals* speaks with London partner Matthew Hughes regarding the expectation that activity will pick up in the distressed M&A in the second half of the year. Hughes says that an uptick in borrower defaults isn’t guaranteed, even with the strong economic headwinds, due to central bank and government actions (“Taking Stock”). *subscription required

August 5, 2022 – Law360 speaks with partner Evan Wolff, co-chair of the Privacy & Cybersecurity Group and associate Michael Gruden regarding the draft assessment plan for the U.S. Department of Defense’s pending cybersecurity program. Gruden, a former DOD contracting officer, says the draft gives a lot more authority to assessors to review, authenticate and verify how companies are utilizing and adequately meeting various cloud service standards. According to Wolff, contractors will be looking for real transparency on CMMC and there’s a lot to do from both an industry and government perspective (“Assessment Draft for DOD Cyber Program Lacks Key Details”).

August 5, 2022The American Lawyer* features interviews with Los Angeles corporate partner Renée Delphin-Rodriguez, Denver corporate partner Katy Raffensperger, and government contracts partner Christian Curran. They discuss the ways regulation can impact M&A, the growing importance of regulatory components to government contracts deals, and how clients now want robust M&A and regulatory practices under the same roof (“Despite Slowing M&A Market, Firms with Regs Expertise Are Poised to Stay Busy”). *subscription required

August 3, 2022 – Daily Journal* profiles partner Agustin Orozco among the publication’s 2022 Top Forty Under 40. *subscription required

August 3, 2022 – A feature article in the Qatar Tribune highlights the publication of Crowell’s complimentary guide on doing business in Qatar. The guide provides insights from Crowell’s Doha office and addresses some of the principal elements of doing business in the country (“Crowell & Moring Publishes Free Guide on Doing Business in Qatar”).

August 1, 2022 – CNBC quotes partner Alexander Schaefer regarding the Biden administration’s deadline to defend former President Trump’s China tariffs. According to Schaefer, the government lacks the manpower to process the volume of comments, and refunding importers could cost $80 billion (“Biden Administration Faces Midnight Court Deadline to Defend $350 Billion of Trump's China Tariffs”).

August 1, 2022 – IT Pro speaks with London partner Peter Broadhurst about why the UK government’s regulatory pursuit of big tech companies has stalled. Broadhurst says the government may be actively slowing the process down in order to find the right balance between controlling these companies and a desire to signal that the UK is still a tech and innovation-friendly country (“Why the UK is Dragging its Feet on Regulating Big Tech”).

July 28, 2022 – Business of Fashion* quotes New York partner Preetha Chakrabarti on the trademark battle over NFTs. Chakrabarti says this signals that activity in the metaverse may very well be regulated similar to activity in the physical universe (“Why Hermès MetaBirkins Lawsuit Has High Stakes for Brands and Creators”). *subscription required

July 24, 2022 The Guardian speaks with partner Dan Zelenko, co-chair of the White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement Group and a former federal prosecutor, about Trump’s efforts to subvert the 2020 elections. According to Zelenko, there’s no doubt that the DOJ has followed the hearings closely and says it’s hard to imagine a more compelling fact pattern if you were going to indict a former president (“US Democracy Will Not Survive for Long: How January 6 Hearings Plot a Roadmap to Autocracy”).

July 22, 2022The American Lawyer* features an interview with partners Phil Inglima, chair of Crowell & Moring, and Gus Siller, co-chair of the Technology & Intellectual Property Department and former president of Brinks Gilson & Lione. A year after Crowell merged with Chicago IP boutique Brinks Gilson & Lione, Inglima and Siller point to the additional depth for existing clients as the key to success. Inglima also discusses how the mergers with Brinks and Kibbe & Orbe have helped Crowell diversify in the face of economic headwinds (“The 'Largest Potential for Growth': A Firm's Existing Client Relationships”). *subscription required

July 21, 2022Law360 quotes counsel Rochelle-Leigh Rosenberg regarding a ruling that dismantles a high-stakes arbitration system created by the No Surprises Act, which shields patients from "surprise medical bills" for services unexpectedly performed by out-of-network providers. Rosenberg says the system of independent dispute resolution is one of the centerpieces of the No Surprises Act (“The Rulings That Quickly Made 2022 Huge for Health Law”).

July 21, 2022 – The arrival of energy partner Lisa Henneberry, former global chair of Squire Patton Boggs’ energy and natural resources practice, is featured in The National Law Journal*Bloomberg Law,  Latinvex*, and Law360. Henneberry brings three decades of experience in project development and arbitration capability in the global energy sector, and focuses her practice on the development, construction, and operation of conventional and alternative energy projects. *subscription required

July 20, 2022 The Wall Street Journal* speaks with New York partner Richard Lee regarding the uncertainties involved in the practice trading on margin for crypto investors. Lee explains that it isn’t always clear what a crypto lender can do with a counterparty’s collateral once it moves to liquidate, noting that lenders and investment firms that borrow from them tend to have a much less-complete picture of each other’s finances. (“Market Rout Shows Danger of Margin Lending, Crypto Style”) *subscription required

July 18, 2022CoinDesk quotes New York partner Rick Hyman regarding Celsius Network filing for bankruptcy in the Southern District of New York. According to Hyman, the ability of cryptocurrency platforms to restructure through Chapter 11 rather than being forced to liquidate is a result of the lack of regulatory clarity surrounding the nature of digital assets and whether they should be deemed securities or commodities (“Celsius Bankruptcy Filings Hint Retail Customers Will Bear Brunt of Its Failure”).

July 18, 2022 SHRM* speaks with partner Dan Wolff about what can affect penalties for violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Wolff says in addition to OSHA issuing citations and seeking civil penalties, an employer may be exposed to tort lawsuits and criminal liability. He explains that lawsuits for negligence brought by employees may not be barred in certain jurisdictions and if a fatality results, the DOJ may get involved (“OSHA Penalties Can Run the Gamut From Nothing to Millions”). *subscription required

July 13, 2022 Bloomberg Law quotes Meshach Rhoades, managing partner of the Denver office, regarding the impact of tech venture capital growth in Denver on law firms. Rhoades cites the region’s attributes as important parts of the draw for the office’s recent hires (“Big Law Raids Colorado as Tech Venture Capital Grows Business”).

July 12, 2022Modern Healthcare* speaks with partner Tom Lorenzen, co-chair of the Environment & Natural Resources Group and a former assistant chief of the DOJ’s Environmental Defense Section, about the effect of the Supreme Court’s EPA ruling on healthcare regulation. According to Lorenzen, companies should prepare for uncertainty about regulations as it might to five to ten years to figure out the decision’s consequences and whether these rules will survive judicial review (“Supreme Court's EPA Ruling Jeopardizes Healthcare Regulations”). *subscription required

July 11, 2022 Crain’s New York Business* profiles partner Juan Arteaga, co-chair of the New York Antitrust Practice and the firm’s Diversity Council, as a 2022 Notable Diverse Leader in Law. Arteaga’s profile can be viewed here. *subscription required

July 7, 2022 The Real Deal quotes partner Glen McGorty, a former federal prosecutor, regarding a federal judge’s recent ruling to reduce the role of the court-appointed corruption monitor overseeing the New York City District Council of Carpenters. McGorty, who serves as monitor for the city’s largest construction union, says the role of his team has been much more reactive in the past few years and commended the union’s efforts to ferret out corruption (“Free At Last: Carpenters Union Nearly Rid of Court-Appointed Monitor”).

July 4, 2022The Hill speaks with partner Dan Zelenko, co-chair of the White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement Group and a former federal prosecutor, about the January 6 committee’s accumulating evidence against former President Trump. Zelenko says the committee has been strategic at addressing certain questions that need to be answered before the DOJ can decide whether or not to bring a case against Trump, but explains why the department can’t yet make a charging decision (“Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony Prompts Reassessment of Trump Legal Culpability”).

July 1, 2022The National Law Journal* profiles counsel Katie Erno as a 2022 Employment Law Trailblazer. Erno’s profile can be viewed here. *subscription required

July 1, 2022Law360 speaks with partners Addie Cliffe and Rob Sneckenberg regarding prominent areas of policy changes and proposals so far this year in government contracting. Cliffe discusses the rule to ramp up over time the percentage of required domestic content in items sold to federal agencies. Sneckenberg explains why there’s likely to an industry-wide push for the government to take action or provide relief for contractors if high inflation continues (“Top Gov't Contracting Policies Of 2022: Midyear Report”).

June 30, 2022 –* quotes partner Tom Lorenzen, co-chair of the Environment & Natural Resources Group and a former assistant chief of the DOJ’s Environmental Defense Section, regarding the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling preserving the EPA’s authority to regulate power sector greenhouse gases. But Lorenzen sees a potential for “rule after rule getting slapped down,” given the lack of guidelines in the opinion (“High Court Preserves EPA's Power Plant GHG Authority But Scope Unclear”). *subscription required

June 30, 2022 Bloomberg Law speaks with partner Tom Lorenzen, co-chair of the Environment & Natural Resources Group and a former assistant chief of the DOJ’s Environmental Defense Section, regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to restrict the EPA’s ability to curb power-plant emissions. Lorenzen expects opponents of federal regulations to be raising this in litigation challenging a host of EPA and other regulations (“Supreme Court Crimps Biden’s Climate Agenda With Limits on EPA”).

June 30, 2022Reuters quotes partner Amanda Shafer Berman, a former senior attorney in the DOJ’s Environmental Defense Section, regarding the U.S. Supreme Court imposing limits on the EPA’s authority to issue sweeping regulations to reduce carbon emissions from power plants. Berman observes that the Court’s ruling was about the best that EPA could have hoped for given the current composition of the court (“US Supreme Court Limits Federal Power to Curb Carbon Emissions”).

June 28, 2022 – The Brussels office welcomes partner Werner Eyskens, a veteran disputes lawyer from Allen & Overy, who brings nearly three decades of experience handling multinational arbitrations and international commercial litigation. His arrival is featured in International*, Global Arbitration Review*, Commercial Disputes Resolution*, Bloomberg Law, the Global Legal Post, and Leaders League. Eyskens furthers the expansion of the infrastructure and construction disputes practice, with experience that complements the firm’s existing work in London and Doha. *subscription required

June 24, 2022 Global Investigations Review* speaks with New York counsel Anand Sithian, a former DOJ prosecutor in the Criminal Division’s Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section, about the DOJ’s confiscation of a superyacht in Spain. Sithian expects that the government is already looking at third parties who are not cooperating, or don’t yet know they are on the government’s radar (“Immunity Deal for Yacht Company Reveals US Strategy for Oligarch Probes”). *subscription required

June 23, 2022 – The arrival of health care litigation partner Jed Wulfekotte is featured in Law360. With a particular focus on health care recovery, Wulfekotte represents corporate clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in complex commercial litigation matters spanning a wide range of industries, including health care, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, government contracts, and technology. 

June 18, 2022 The New York Times speaks with partner Dan Zelenko, co-chair of the White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement Group, regarding former President Trump’s potential criminal exposure for seeking to overturn the 2020 election. Zelenko discusses the issues that the Justice Department would have to overcome in building any prosecution, including the need to show that the former president had the intent to commit a crime (“Despite Growing Evidence, A Prosecution of Trump Would Face Challenges”).

June 16, 2022 – The arrival of corporate and technology transactions lawyer Dr. David Ramm in the London office is featured in the Financial International,*The Lawyer,* and LegalBrief. Ramm, who most recently served as co-chair of the private equity and life sciences practice at Baker Botts LLP, is a continuation of the corporate team’s growth in London and broadens its ability to serve the City’s tech clients. *subscription required

June 13, 2022 Dan Zelenko, co-chair of the White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement Group, is profiled in the* Q&A series “How I Made It” ('I Am Good at Building Relationships With Colleagues in Various Offices’).

June 13, 2022 Legal Tech News* speaks with San Francisco senior counsel Christiana State about the draft list of provisions released by the California Privacy Protection Agency, who says the proposed regulations are an important road map for compliance. According to State, this is more prescriptive regarding “dark patterns” than any other privacy law and it’s likely other states will be looking into similar guidance. *subscription required

June 10, 2022 Law360 speaks with partner Todd Rosenberg regarding the FTC’s recent decision to investigate whether pharmacy benefit managers are engaged in anticompetitive business activity. Rosenberg observes legislative reforms and litigation have pitted industry segments against each other and a different type of process is needed that balances the equities (“What to Watch as Push to Rein In PBMs Advances”).

June 10, 2022E&E News quotes senior counsel Byron Brown, a former EPA deputy chief of staff (policy) during the Trump administration, regarding the Dept. of Health and Human Services efforts to fight climate change in the health care sector. According to Brown, fighting climate change could be bad for business at hospitals that may depend on payments for seeing a certain number of patients annually who suffer from the effects of pollution or climate-driven extreme weather (“Biden Admin is Getting Hospitals to Go Green”).

June 10, 2022 Agenda* speaks with counsel Ellie Dawson about the Financial Accounting Standards Board looking into setting accounting standards related to environmental credits. Dawson says the FASB development seems to go hand in glove with recent moves from the SEC pertaining to proposed climate disclosure rules. Potential standards from the FASB could help achieve the goal of comparable standardized disclosures (“FASB to Explore Rules for Climate Credit Accounting”). *subscription required

June 8, 2022Bloomberg News speaks with London partner Michelle Linderman regarding a group of London firms that has identified hundreds of senior Russians with assets abroad who could be added to international sanctions lists. According to Linderman, some wealthy Russians shifted their ownership of companies to unsanctioned family members or associates and removing such shields would close a large loophole (“London Asset Hunters Uncover 'Hundreds of Low-Key Russians for Possible Sanctions”).

June 6, 2022 Law360 speaks with partner Christopher Cole, co-chair of the Technology & Brand Protection Group, regarding Nike’s lawsuit accusing StockX of selling counterfeit sneakers and that the online platform is selling non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, that display Nike’s sneaker designs without permission. Cole observes that the case also seems to be aimed at clearing the field for Nike to launch and operate its own NFT marketplace without a competitive threat from StockX (“StockX Defends Authentication Process Amid Nike NFT Suit”).

June 2, 2022The Washington Post* speaks with partner Dj Wolff regarding the impact economic sanctions are having on office workers and couriers far outside of Russia. Wolff explains how going after the biggest banks hurts everybody who has an account at those banks, including startups in the U.S. (with Russian founders and investors) that were forced to lay off workers (“How Russia Sanctions Helped Kill 15-Minute Delivery in New York”). *subscription required

June 1, 2022 The National Law Journal’s* “Inadmissible” Q&A series features partner Tom Lorenzen, co-chair of the Environment & Natural Resources Group, and associate Siyi Shen who discuss how the transition to a zero-emission federal vehicle fleet will require a clear ESG and legislative strategy—executive orders pushing for this change won’t do it alone (“As Biden Pushes for Zero-Emission Fleet, Lawyers Face Challenges to Implement Transition”). *subscription required

June 1, 2022  The American Lawyer* interviews Los Angeles corporate partner Renèe Delphin-Rodriguez in a feature about a recent deal she completed with opposing counsel Amy Wollensack of Covington & Burling. This was the first time in their respective careers that the two Black women sat across the table from a team lead who looked like them. Their story highlights the ongoing lack of diversity in corporate transactions, but also shows the power of diverse teams 'Opposite a Black Woman': Deal Leadership at Covington and Crowell Highlights Power of Diverse Teams. *subscription required

May 25, 2022 – Meshach Rhoades, managing partner of the Denver office, is profiled in the* Q&A series “How I Made It” ('I View My Role as the Point Guard for the Office—To Make Everyone Around Me Better'). *subscription required

May 19, 2022 Law360 quotes partner Preetha Chakrabarti regarding a new lawsuit alleging that Meta’s infinity-loop logo is too similar to a Swiss blockchain company’s logo. Chakrabarti says the infinity symbol by itself is not uncommon, which can make cases like this fairly challenging (“Meta Logo Suit May Test How Virtual TM Disputes Unfold”).

May 18, 2022 Slate speaks with partner Evan Wolff, co-chair of the Privacy & Cybersecurity Group, about how rapidly the business operations of today’s “top” ransomware operators have corporatized and as a result, are making more money. According to Wolff, these groups have developed reputations not only for their destabilizing malware, but also for their prompt response times (“Ransomware Goes to Business School”).

May 18, 2022Managed Healthcare Executive* quotes senior counsel Janet Walker, a managing director of Crowell Health Solutions, regarding various incentives being considered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to encourage and sustain participation by reducing disparities or screening for social determinants of health, which have become prominent in healthcare policies and discourse (“Heading Upstream to the Social Determinants of Health”). *subscription required

May 17, 2022 Florida Today quotes partner Keith Harrison in an editorial regarding the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the case of pro bono client Crosley Green. The Crowell team has asked the Eleventh Circuit for an en banc review of the decision, which carries wider implications for the handling of prosecutorial misconduct (“11th Circuit Court's Ruling Gives Too Much Power to Prosecutors”).

May 9, 2022The Wall Street Journal* speaks with New York corporate partner Paul Pollock about private equity firms increasing their investments in the logistics sector as companies continue spending more to transport and distribute goods in the wake of the pandemic. Pollock explains why the supply chain and logistics businesses remain a relatively niche investment play for buyout firms (“Private Equity Firms Hunt for Deals in Disrupted Supply Chains”). *subscription required: WSJ Pro/Private Equity

May 5, 2022 – The Washington Post*, CNN.comWashington ExaminerThe Washington Times*, WESH 2 - NBCFlorida, and Atlanta Black Star feature the latest update in the case of Crowell pro bono client Crosley Green, who was freed from prison last year but could be headed back after a higher court reinstated his original murder conviction. Green spent 32 years in prison before his conviction was overturned by a federal judge in 2018 after new evidence emerged. Now a higher court has ruled against him. *subscription required

May 4, 2022 The American Lawyer* features the latest developments in the case of pro bono client Crosley Green. Partners Keith Harrison and Jeane Thomas are asking the court’s full 11-judge panel to reconsider the decision to reinstate his murder conviction. The appeal is among the last remaining remedies for Green and could set precedent on handling of prosecutorial misconduct in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama (“Crowell & Moring's 14-Year Fight to Free Crosley Green Hinges on 11th Circuit Appeal”). *subscription required

May 4, 2022 Bloomberg Law quotes senior counsel Byron Brown, former deputy chief of staff for policy at the EPA, regarding the climate change provisions of the Biden administration’s new environmental permitting rules throwing more proposed projects into the courts. Brown says this could inject another level of uncertainty into the permitting and project development process (“Climate Terms in Permit Rule to Add Delays, Energy Lawyers Say”).

April 29, 2022 SHRM* quotes partner Preston Pugh regarding the importance of anti-harassment training. Pugh notes that training should not dwell too much on what is not harassment, as that might stifle internal complaints and make employees feel like they have no place to go but to complain externally (“Refresh Anti-Harassment Training Law Barring Mandatory Arbitration”). *subscription required

April 29, 2022 The National Law Journal* speaks with firm chair Phil Inglima regarding Crowell’s growth in overall headcount—adding offices in Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, and Doha Qatar—and significant expansion in the firm’s transaction business, particularly financial services and intellectual property. Inglima points to the number of client relationships that have expanded as great harbingers of long-term success (“DC Law Firms Poised for Consistent Growth in 2022 and Beyond”). *subscription required

April 22, 2022The Wall Street Journal* speaks with senior counsel Clif Burns about what’s behind AmEx’s decision to go further than suspending operations in Russia and Belarus, with the company also halting a service in Ukraine that businesses use to make cross-border payments (“Russia Sanctions Led American Express to Cut Financial Lifeline in Ukraine”). *subscription required

April 22, 2022 CNBC quotes New York counsel Anand Sithian, who discusses how crypto mining is able to bypass sanctions screening at centralized virtual currency exchanges, but is nowhere near a replacement for the assets frozen by Russian sanctions (“Sanctions Threaten to Cripple Russia's Multibillion-Dollar Crypto Industry”).

April 22, 2022Law360-Employment Authority* speaks with New York Labor & Employment partner Eric Su, who says unions that represent workers at multiple companies can attempt to standardize wages they negotiate, unlike separate employers that can’t coordinate the wages they pay. According to Su, when the Department of Labor probes local wages, it’s more likely to enshrine union-bargained rates because they likely appear with greater frequency in survey responses. (“Billions in Federal Spending Guided By Prevailing Wage Rules”) *subscription required

April 21, 2022 – The arrival of partner Jason Stiehl continues the firm’s expansion in Chicago. An experienced brand protection litigator from Loeb & Loeb, Stiehl’s move to Crowell is featured in Reuters, The National Law Journal (subscription required), Law360, and Bloomberg Law.

April 11, 2022 Managed Healthcare Executive quotes partner Jodi Daniel, leader of the Digital Health Practice and a managing director of Crowell Health Solutions, who explains why AI can be a powerful tool in a data-heavy industry like health care and the significant risk associated with full automation (“AI For Fraud Detection”).

April 8, 2022Agenda* quotes counsel Elizabeth Dawson regarding the release of the International Sustainability Standards Board’s (ISSB’s) proposed disclosure standards. Dawson explains that the ISSB is not necessarily making value judgements about a company’s performance, and that the purpose is to provide information to investors in a transparent and consistent way (“New Sustainability Disclosure Standards Expected by Year's End”). *subscription required

April 6, 2022 – Government Contracts partner Robert Sneckenberg speaks with Law360 regarding the supply chain impacts of sanctions and trade disruptions on federal contractors and how the speed at which sanctions have ramped up has made is hard for companies to understand what their obligations are. Sneckenberg discusses what contractors who are entering new contracts should seek to negotiate (“Contractors Feel Impact of Russia Trade Disruptions”).

April 5, 2022 Law360 speaks with Ian Laird, co-chair of the International Dispute Resolution Group, who observes that the widespread and unprecedented sanctions and freezing orders on Russian assets could prove useful to creditors. Laird notes that while Russia may be able to survive on its own for now, such a model would be unsustainable due to the Russian economy’s dependence on international trade (“Investor Claims Over Russian Nationalization Won't Be Easy”).

April 5, 2022 ABF Journal speaks with New York partner Rick Hyman about 2021 being slower than anticipated for many restructuring professionals due to support from the federal government, unending liquidity from private lenders, and a further decline in interest rates. Hyman explains the ways in which the general economic recovery in 2022 may ironically correspond with an uptick in restructuring work (“On the Bubble: The Year in Review and What's in Store for 2022”).

March 31, 2022* speaks with senior counsel Clif Burns about the challenges companies are facing when closing down branches in Russia with a considerable number of American employees. According to Burns, companies don’t want to start closing down operations while Americans are there and risk their arrest, and several strategies have been developed for paying Russia-based employees (“Labor of Law: How Can Companies Pay Employees in Russia?”). *subscription required

March 30, 2022 Corporate Counsel* speaks with San Francisco partner Kristin Madigan, who observes that when in-house counsel hear the phrase ‘AI’ or ‘algorithms,’ it’s a signal that this is a product or tool that requires further scrutiny and that AI tool providers also want to make sure their products are used as they intended (“'Don't Blindly Rely on the Algorithms': How Firms Can Limit Liability Amid AI Explosion”). *subscription required

March 30, 2022 Bloomberg Law quotes New York partner Eric Su regarding the wave of wage-and-hour lawsuits against employers triggered by the cyberattack against human resource company Ultimate Kronos Group. According to Su, maintaining precise timekeeping can be a big challenge for establishing secondary payroll systems and inaccurate wage statements can invite lawsuits (“Kronos Hack Wage Suits Show Legal Risks of Payroll Outsourcing”).

March 29, 2022The American Lawyer* features Crowell’s 2021 revenues, which are the strongest in its history and achieved during a year of unprecedented expansion for the firm. Crowell’s total headcount grew from 465 to 546 in 2021. During the past decade, firm revenue has increased 57.1 percent. “[2021] was a year where we exceed our own expectations,” said firm chair Phil Inglima. (“Crowell Sees Strongest Revenue in Firm History Amid Year of Expansion”). *subscription required

March 29, 2022The Am Law Litigation Daily* features a Q&A with partner Ian Laird, co-chair of the International Dispute Resolution Group. Laird discusses how events unfurling on a daily basis will form the foundation for what evolves and develops over the next five-to-ten years, and the need for those affected by the invasion to determine where they fit into the developing landscape of legal disputes (“Q&A: 'It's All Starting Now': Crowell's Ian Laird on the Commercial Disputes Likely to Result from Russia's Invasion of Ukraine”). *subscription required

March 28, 2022Law360 quotes partner Preetha Chakrabarti regarding the high-profile copyright dispute over Andy Warhol’s prints of the music icon Prince, which was picked up by the U.S. Supreme Court. Chakrabarti says that questions on what constitutes “transformative” fair use are all the more important and challenging given the emerging platforms where copyrighted materials may be used (“Warhol Case Appeal Reignites Fair Use Debate After Google”).

March 28, 2022 Business of Fashion* quotes partner Caroline Brown on the importance of establishing robust sanctions screening on end customers, as well as other steps companies should consider taking in the current environment (“What Russian Sanctions Mean For Fashion”). *subscription required 

March 28, 2022 – Brussels partner Maarten Stassen speaks with Compliance Week* about why the invalidation of Safe Harbor and the Privacy Shield has shaken businesses’ confidence in trusting a framework that might later prove to be noncompliant with GDPR. Stassen suggests that a sector-specific approach might be a short-to mid-term solution for data transfer to the U.S. (“Experts Optimistic, Though Wary, Toward Privacy Shield Successor”). *subscription required

March 24, 2022Chemical Watch* speaks with partner Michael Boucher about the ways in which the EPA’s announcement that it will soon no longer accept nomenclature errors on the TSCA inventory could lead to significant enforcement risks for manufacturers and importers (“Abolishing TSCA Corrections Process Raises Enforcement Concerns”). *subscription required

March 23, 2022Global Competition Review* quotes partner Alexis Gilman, former Assistant Director of the FTC’s Mergers IV Division, who says that at a time when the agencies are considering a potential revamp of the merger guidelines, the ruling that Hackensack Meridian Health’s acquisition of Englewood Healthcare Foundation would harm competition shows how much changes to these guidelines could affect outcomes in litigated cases (“FTC Secures Victory at Third Circuit in Hospital Merger Challenge”). *subscription required

March 23, 2022 Compliance Week* quotes counsel Elizabeth Dawson, who observes that the SEC’s proposed climate-related disclosure rule provides public companies with the leverage to push suppliers to be more transparent, and that the rule’s requirements might also affect private companies that are feeling pressure from business partners, clients, and customers (“How to Prepare for SEC's Climate-Related Disclosure Rule”). *subscription required

March 22, 2022Skilled Nursing News speaks with New York health care partner Brian McGovern regarding the push to improve transparency in corporate ownership of nursing homes. McGovern says financial disclosure requirements that hold investors and operators more accountable is much needed, also pointing out that increased scrutiny could discourage investing. According to McGovern, if investors find the disclosure requirements too laborious, there could be unmet long-term care needs for the aging population who will peak in 2030 (“Devil in the Details: Inside the Government's Push for Nursing Home Financial Transparency”)

March 22, 2022 Roll Call quotes partner Carlton Greene, former chief counsel of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), who says the U.S. is in the second wave of crypto enforcement. Greene observes there are now efforts to go after those who are not necessarily attempting to do anything illegal, but don’t want the burden of complying with the law and registering under securities rules (“States Often First in Crypto Enforcement, Leaving Feds to Follow”).

March 17, 2022 – World Intellectual Property Review* quotes New York partner Preetha Chakrabarti regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling against H&M over the company’s use of a sweater pattern. Chakrabarti says the Supreme Court’s decision is encouraging for artists and designers who rely on copyright registrations to protect their rights, but don’t always have the means to hire counsel to ensure their applications are legally and factually perfect (“A Stitch in Time: Untangling H&M v. Unicolors”) *subscription required

March 17, 2022Medtech News speaks with partners John Fuson and Andrew Kaplan about the need for planning once the COVID-19 public health emergency is declared to be over. According to Fuson and Kaplan, companies will face greater regulatory risk once Emergency Use Authorization waivers are lifted, and the loss of protection from the PREP Act presents an increased risk of possible tort litigation (“Life After COVID - What Is Next for Medical Device Companies?”).

March 14, 2022 – Partner Tom Hanusik, chair of the firm’s Investigations practice, and partner Derek Hahn, a member of the White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement Group, speak with Law360 about the challenges involved in determining who to hold accountable for missing funds meant for the widows and orphans of plane crash victims. Hahn explains why following the money is often more complicated than it sounds. According to Hanusik, if one or more people besides Keese were involved in a continuous fraud scheme, prosecutors could charge the crimes as an ongoing conspiracy. (“Girardi Keese Finances May Take Years, And Luck, to Unravel”).

March 14, 2022 Tax Notes* quotes counsel Carina Federico regarding the IRS’s plans to hire approximately 10,000 entry-level employees to clear the agency’s backlog of unprocessed mail and tax returns. (“News of IRS Hiring Blitz Universally Praised”). *subscription required

March 10, 2022 – President Biden’s nomination of partner Paul Rosen to assistant secretary of investment security in the Treasury Department has been widely reported on. His nomination is featured in Foreign Investment Watch*, Bloomberg LawBloomberg Tax* (“Hill Tax Briefing”), Politico (“Morning Money,” “Playbook,” “New York Playbook,”), The Deal*, The National Law Journal*, Law360, and* (“Notable Moves”). Rosen, a former federal prosecutor and chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, is co-chair of the firm’s National Security practice and a member of the White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement, Privacy & Cybersecurity, and Government Contracts groups. *subscription required

March 10, 2022Global Investigations Review* speaks with New York counsel Anand Sithian, a former trial attorney in DOJ’s Criminal Division’s money laundering and recovery section, regarding the timing of the charges. Sithian says the DOJ at its highest levels is looking very closely at the activities of those connected to the Russian regime (“Former Fox Director Indictment Illustrates DOJ's Tough Approach to Russia Sanctions”). *subscription required

March 10, 2022 The Guardian speaks with London energy partner Robin Baillie about how the fear of shortages gives fossil fuel companies leverage. According to Baillie, governments around the world are looking for short-term solutions to finding an alternative to Russian energy (“Oil and Gas Companies Are Looking at a Bonanza From the Ukraine War”).

March 9, 2022 – Partner Dj Wolff speaks with Al Jazeera regarding the daily global groundswell of more and more people getting behind the opposition to the invasion of Ukraine. Wolff says the strength in numbers has made it politically easier for companies to step up and withdraw now (“From McDonald's to TikTok, Why Are Big Brands Bailing on Russia?”).

March 3, 2022Export Compliance Daily* highlights the firm’s March 2 webinar—Russia-Related Sanctions Developments—which discusses the current state of a rapidly changing Russia-related sanctions landscape, including new measures both implemented and expected from the United States, United Kingdom, and European Union. *subscription required

March 2, 2022 American Banker* speaks with partner Caroline Brown about Russia and other entities looking for ways that they can access the U.S. dollar as sanctions begin to have their effects. Brown says the likelihood of Russian entities getting caught using cryptocurrency to skirt sanctions will depend on the jurisdiction where the cryptocurrency companies they use are operating (“Could Russian Banks and Oligarchs Use Crypto to Evade Sanctions?”). *subscription required

March 1, 2022 Inc. quotes New York counsel Nicole Succar regarding the need for companies that want to stay in Russia to invest in compliance (“Businesses Pull Russian Products in Response to the Invasion of Ukraine. Should You Do the Same?”).

March 1, 2022 SHRM* speaks with counsel Katie Erno about employer’s potentially lifting pandemic-related safety requirements. According to Erno, an employer’s ongoing requirements may depend on the nature of the worksite and the likelihood of COVID-19 exposure (“How to Manage Changing COVID-19 Workplace Safety Obligations”).*subscription required

February 28, 2022The Hill quotes international trade partner Dj Wolff regarding the unprecedented speed at which the sanctions have been imposed and the level of coordination with so many other nations (“Unprecedented Western Sanctions Strangling Russian Economy”).

February 26, 2022 The Telegraph* quotes London partner Michelle Linderman on the business impact of Boris Johnson designating a freeze on all major Russian banks (“How Sanctions Could Break the Web of Russian Influence in the City”). *subscription required

February 25, 2022 NBC News speaks with senior counsel Clif Burns about the likelihood that Russia may try to switch to cryptocurrencies to sidestep international sanctions. Burns explains how cryptocurrency is not completely anonymous and cites several reasons why Russians with cryptocurrencies may have trouble unloading it (“Could Bitcoin Be Putin's Economic Savior? That's Unlikely, Experts Say”).

February 25, 2022 – The Recorder* features the arrival of partner Christopher Banks in San Francisco. A seasoned trial lawyer, Banks works at the intersection of employee mobility cases, restrictive covenant cases, and founders’ disputes (“Crowell & Moring Lures Morgan Lewis Labor & Employment Litigator In San Francisco”). His arrival is also featured in Bloomberg Law (“Crowell & Moring Recruits Trial Lawyer Banks in San Francisco”), Law360 (“Crowell & Moring Adds Labor And Employment Partner”), and noted in Reuters' Industry Moves. *subscription required

February 25, 2022 Bloomberg*quotes London partner Michelle Linderman regarding the impact of the new sanctions on Russia in terms of oligarchs, as the City of London is historically a prime destination for Russian money (“In Private, Bankers Debate Nuclear War, Russian Trading Risk”). *subscription required

February 24, 2022 – Partner Preetha Chakrabarti speaks with Law360 and Bloomberg Law regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that sets a high bar for invalidating copyright registrations, finding that inadvertent errors in a filing do not trigger a provision that can void a registration.

February 21, 2022 - Tom Lorenzen, co-chair of the Environment & Natural Resources Group, speaks with Automotive News* regarding the likelihood that California will receive a waiver from the EPA to enact its own emissions standards, which are more stringent than those set by the federal government (“California Likely to Get EPA Waiver to Set more Stringent Emissions Rules”). *subscription required

February 17, 2022 Bloomberg Law speaks with Ambassador Robert Holleyman, president and CEO of Crowell & Moring International and former deputy U.S. trade representative, about how this list has proven to be useful for getting companies to do more to fight piracy and counterfeiting (“U.S. Adds WeChat, AliExpress to Notorious Piracy Market List”).

February 14, 2022The New York Times quotes partner Michael Atkinson, a former inspector general of the intelligence community, regarding the submarine espionage case involving naval nuclear engineer Jonathan Toebbe and the role of his wife Diana. Atkinson explains why sentencing in Ms. Toebbe’s case would set a precedent (“Navy Nuclear Engineer Pleads Guilty in Submarine Espionage Case”).

February 14, 2022 – Partner Caroline Brown, a former national security attorney at the U.S. Departments of Justice and the Treasury, is featured in a video interview discussing the scale of the financial sanctions being contemplated. To watch, click here: Law Firms Gear Up for Potentially Unprecedented Sanctions if Russia Invades Ukraine. Brown also speaks with S&P Global Market Intelligence* about how Russian banks’ access to the global finance system could be restricted if the country invades Ukraine (“What is In Store for Banks if West Hits Moscow With New Sanctions”). *subscription required

February 11, 2022 The Wall Street Journal* speaks with New York counsel Matthew Moisan for its WSJ Pro: Venture Capital Question of the Week, which asked whether renegotiated term sheets fray relationships with founders amid a reset in public and private market valuations. *subscription required

February 9, 2022 Energy Monitor quotes counsel Nick Diamond, director and leader of the Global Health Group at C&M International, regarding the rising concerns that some clean energy projects are failing to properly incorporate human rights. Diamond discusses the need to closely scrutinize the full spectrum of business relationships (“Why Wind and Solar Companies Need to Address Human Rights”).

February 7, 2022 Medical Technology speaks with partner John Fuson and counsel Hilary Johnson regarding the use of 3D printing at the point of care. Fuson and Johnson discuss how it can promote collaboration and innovation (“3D Printing Devices Onsite: Healthcare Hero or Hazard?”).

February 4, 2022 The Construction Broadsheet’s features an interview with government contracts counsel Charles Baek regarding federal contracting issues in the construction industry (“Legal Q and A: Federal Contracting – Getting Paid, Buy American, Understanding the Contract”).

February 4, 2022 Law360 quotes partner Laura Foggan, chair of the Insurance/Reinsurance Group on a closely watched business-interruption suit in the Ohio Supreme Court, which addresses whether Cincinnati Insurance Co. must cover an audiology practice’s pandemic-related issues (“Policyholder Attys Eye Ohio Justice's Role in COVID-19 Fight”).

February 3, 2022 – A video interview with partners John Brew, co-chair of the International Trade Group and Tom Lorenzen, co-chair of the Environment & Natural Resources Group, is featured on SupplyBrainDrain. Brew and Lorenzen discuss how well companies are doing in adhering to their ESG promises, based on the results of the firm’s recent ESG Survey. To watch, click here: Are Businesses Living Up to ESG Requirements?

February 3, 2022 - Trina Fairley Barlow, co-chair of the Labor & Employment Group, speaks with Law360 Pulse* about some of the issues involved in the blockbuster lawsuit accusing the NFL of systemic discrimination. Barlow discusses best practices employers need to keep in mind (“NFL Race Bias Suit Shows A Good Playbook Isn't Enough”). *subscription required

February 2, 2022 The National Law Journal* speaks with Government Contracts co-chairs Daniel Forman and Stephen McBrady about what sets the firm apart in the government contracts space. Forman says Crowell increasingly serves clients that think of themselves as commercial companies that realize the significant implications of their government contracts work. McBrady observes that many firms do government contracts and litigation, but very few have Crowell’s bench and understand how the two worlds fit together (“Some DC-Area Firms Ramping Up for Government Contracts Bonanza”). *subscription required

February 2, 2022Skilled Nursing News quotes Paul Mourning, co-chair of the firm’s Health Care Group, regarding nursing home operators remaining very bullish on the level of deal activity in the industry and the different options among potential buyers (“Buy, Sell, Hold: Nursing Home Owners Weigh Options Amid Murky Future of Government Support”).

February 1, 2022 – For the 12th consecutive year, Law360 features a profile of the firm as a 2021 Government Contracts Group of the Year.

January 31, 2022– The launch of Crowell Health Solutions has been featured in Bloomberg Law, Hospital & Healthcare Management, Law360 Pulse*, Pharmaceutical TechnologyReuters, and The National Law Journal*. Crowell Health Solutions is a strategic consulting firm that will help health care organizations and technology companies transform health care by improving patient care and health outcomes, advancing health equity, and lowering health care costs. The new consulting firm is led by a trio of lawyers with senior government and health industry experience: Jodi DanielTroy Barsky, and Janet Walker. *subscription required

January 31, 2022Automotive News* speaks with Environment & Natural Resources partner Amanda Berman about the growth of the EV market in the U.S. In “Can EVs Take Off With or Without Build Back Better?,” Berman highlights the need to find a congressional fix for the upfront costs to consumers. She discusses the EPA’s anticipated timeline on transitioning to EVs in “Tougher EPA Rule Could Be Turning Point for EVs.” *subscription required

January 28, 2022Agenda Week* speaks with partner Tom Hanusik, chair of the Investigations practice and a member of the White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement Group, regarding a case in which the SEC charged a former employee of biopharmaceutical company Medivation with insider trading in advance of Medivation’s announcement that it would be acquired by Pfizer. Hanusik explains why the court’s opinion signals a potential expansion of the risks associated with insider trading at a time when the SEC has signaled a focus on insiders’ trading habits (“With a Court Opinion, Have Trading Risks Expanded for Directors?”). *subscription required

January 27, 2022 The American Lawyer* speaks with Phil Inglima, chair of Crowell & Moring, regarding some of the benefits that come with hiring groups of laterals and what generally determines a lateral’s success in moving a book of business to a new firm (“Why Moving a Book of Business to a New Firm Is Now Easier Than Ever”). *subscription required

January 26, 2022 Newsday speaks with partner Christopher Cole, co-chair of the Technology & Brand Protection Group, about how cancellations by consumers affected by COVID are impacting contracts and the need for the business and the consumer to understand each other’s obligations at the outset (“COVID May Not Get You a Free Pass to Cancel Reservations”).

January 24, 2022 Law360 features a profile of the firm as a 2021 International Trade Group of the Year.

January 24, 2022 Commercial Dispute Resolution/* highlights the promotions of Emma Burton, Christian Curran, Kelly Hightower Hibbert, Joshua Lindsay, Julia Milewski, and Robert Sneckenberg to the firm’s partnership (“Crowell and Harneys Make Promotions”). *subscription required

January 21, 2022 – Legal Week*/ International*quotes Brussels counsel Judith Bussé regarding the new sustainable corporate governance legislation the EU is expected to propose, that will take environmental and human rights concerns into account. Bussé discusses why EU lawmakers need to streamline enforcement efforts between the national and European level (“In the Age of ESG, European Countries Offer Clues to the EU's Upcoming Regulations on Environmental and Human Rights Due Diligence”). *subscription required

January 20, 2022 Law360 Pulse* interviews Phil Inglima, chair of Crowell & Moring, who discusses the firm's acquisitions of two boutique firms in 2021, the challenges faced, and how these mergers have helped the firm move toward its goals (“Happily Ever After? Firms Talk Life Post-Merger”). *subscription required

January 19, 2022The Am Law Litigation Daily* features a Q&A with San Francisco partner Warrington Parker, a former federal prosecutor, who discusses how the competitor versus competitor landscape has changed and how the government’s role as a player in Silicon Valley is going to increase (“'A Lot to Reckon With': Crowell's Warrington Parker Sees Shifts in Tech Suits Between Competitors and Antitrust Enforcement”). *subscription required

January 19, 2022 Bloomberg Law features the return of Agustin Orozco to the firm as a member of the White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement and Government Contracts practice groups. Orozco served for over five years as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Central District of California (“California Prosecutor Orozco Returns to Crowell & Moring in L.A.”). Orozco’s return was also featured in Law360 (“Crowell & Moring Rehires Senior US Prosecutor in LA”).

January 18, 2022 Reuters quotes partner Michael Mann, formerly the first Director of the Office of International Affairs at the SEC, about the balancing act for regulators between compliance barriers for startups being so high that they can’t conduct their business, and the need for public investors to have assurances that there are controls in place for the accounting system (“SEC Has Over 50 Rulemaking Projects, but a 'Phenomenally Important' One is Missing”).

January 14, 2022 Bloomberg Law speaks with partner Kris Meade, co-chair of the Labor & Employment Group, and government contracts associate Ellie Riegel regarding the Biden administration’s minimum wage boost for federal contractors. Riegel explains that boost applies to a greater number of contractors than an earlier Obama-era measure, and Meade discusses why the nationwide “drumbeat” will impact the overall labor market more than this regulation (“Spillover from Biden's $15 Contractor Wage Hike? Experts Differ”).

January 13, 2022 – The Law Society Gazette* profiles London partner Jennifer Kafcas, who discusses her unconventional journey to becoming a derivatives lawyer (“My Legal Life: Jennifer Kafcas, Crowell & Moring”). *subscription required

January 13, 2022-* features New York tax partner Irina Pisareva discussing the pending “clean hydrogen” tax credits in the Build Back Better legislation, who explains why its quite likely we will see this particular credit and different types of initiatives around clean hydrogen enacted before the end of the year. *subscription required

January 13, 2022The Wall Street Journal* quotes partner Carlton Greene, former chief counsel at the FinCen (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), in an article regarding a class-action lawsuit filed in New York federal court against DeFi service PoolTogether. Greene says it’s an open question on how courts and regulators are going to respond to the unique features of DeFi. (“Crypto-Savings Lawsuit Puts Principles of DeFi to the Test”) *subscription required

January 13, 2022 Bloomberg Law speaks with partner Alexis Gilman, a former assistant director of mergers at the FTC’s Bureau of Competition, regarding the increase in both scope and volume of questions surrounding private equity deals. Gilman discusses how the FTC is increasingly asking merging parties and the private equity funds that own them about issues that weren’t traditionally the focus of merger reviews (“Private Equity Firms Facing More Questions in FTC Merger Reviews”).

January 12, 2022 Global Arbitration Review* features the promotion of Randa Adra in New York, Joshua Lindsay in Washington, D.C., and Gordon McAllister in London to the firm’s partnership, and the promotion of Eduardo Mathison to international counsel in Washington, D.C. All four lawyers are members of the International Dispute Resolution Group (“Crowell Promotes in US and UK”). *subscription required

January 12, 2022Law360 Pulse* speaks with partner Stephen McBrady, co-chair of the Government Contracts Group, regarding the rise in recovery-oriented litigation and how growing supply chain issues and expiring statues of limitations may be contributing to the increase (“Coming Commercial Litigation Rise May Boost Legal Funding”). *subscription required

January 12, 2022Compliance Week* quotes London partner Laurence Winston, co-head of the firm’s International Dispute Resolution Group, on how upholding citizens’ data rights and taking a proactive role in investigating and sanctioning breaches might now be even more of a priority in the UK following the lack of success in holding companies accountable for alleged data abuses. (“Difficult Path Ahead for New ICO Head John Edwards”). *subscription required

January 10, 2022Law360-Employment Authority* speaks with partner Trina Fairley Barlow, co-chair of the Labor & Employment Group, who anticipates a rise in pay equity litigation and claims in light of the Riot Games settlement, coupled with the impact of COVID-19 on the workforce and recent court rulings (“$100M Riot Games Deal Hints at Uptick in Pay Bias Suits”). *subscription required

January 10, 2022The National Law Journal* highlights the firm’s 13 new partners, of which 38% are women and 15% identify as a racial minority. Nine were promoted to partnership in 2021 (“Major DC Law Firms Promote Sizable Partner Classes for 2022”). *subscription required

January 7,* speaks with Chahira Solh, managing partner of the Orange County office, about how mentoring creates powerful relationships that form the building blocks of business development (“How I Made It; Advice on Mentoring the Next Generation of Law Firm Leaders"). *subscription required

January 7, 2022 – As the London office continues its growth, International* features the firm’s promotion of dispute resolution lawyer Gordon McAllister, the first London-based lawyer promoted to partnership (“Crowell & Moring Promotes First London Lawyer to Partnership in Latest Round”). McAllister’s promotion was also highlighted in Legal Week*. *subscription required

January 3-4, 2022 Law360 and Law360 Pulse* turn to eight Crowell & Moring partners to find out what lies ahead in 2022.

  • Glen McGorty, managing partner of the New York office, is among five NYC law firm leaders interviewed regarding their priorities for the new year. McGorty highlights the continuing expansion of the firm’s financial services offerings—particularly in New York—and finding the right balance between continuing to work remotely and re-establishing the in-person congenial work culture that is a firm hallmark (“5 NYC Managing Partners On Their Priorities for 2022*”). *subscription required
  • White Collar & Regulatory Enforcement partner Rebecca Ricigliano explains why everyone is expecting a lot to happen with key personnel now in place at the SEC and how the agency is likely to take on “first-of-its-kind” actions (“SEC Enforcement Outlook for 2022”). 
  • Litigation partner Mark Klapow discusses the types of litigation that can be expected in the new year, including COVID-related employment disputes, an increase in multifaceted IP litigation disputes, and why there will likely be an uptick in regulatory litigation. Klapow says another factor to consider is that courts have to work through a substantial backlog of trials due to the pandemic (“COVID's Impact on Litigation to Persist in 2022*”).*subscription required
  • Ambassador Robert Holleyman, president and CEO of Crowell & Moring International and former Deputy U.S. Trade Representative, explains why 2022 will be very telling about what the actual U.S.-China strategy looks like and potential scenarios moving forward (“4 Pressing Trade Policy Questions Looming in 2022”).
  • Partner Michael Atkinson, former chief watchdog of the nation’s 17 intelligence agencies, discusses how the case of real estate billionaire Thomas Barrack and the Rudy Guiliani probe exemplify the DOJ’s continuing focus on foreign agent investigations and prosecutions (“New York Cases to Watch in 2022”). 
  • Laura Lydigsen, co-chair of the Patent and ITC Litigation Group, highlights the implications of GlaxoSmithKline LLC v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc., a high-profile induced infringement case in the Federal Circuit involving the liability of generic drugs that carve out patent-protected indications (“Patent Cases to Watch in 2022”).
  • Laura Foggan, chair of the Insurance/Reinsurance Group, discusses the second wave of federal appeals that will include some of the early COVID-19 coverage cases and those alleging physical alteration of insured property due to the virus. Foggan explains why lawyers for insurers don’t see 2022 bringing any significant changes to the current landscape (“Pandemic Business-Interruption Cases to Watch in 2022*). *subscription required
  • Intellectual Property partner David Fleming discusses the effectiveness of both the new procedures to challenge trademark registrations and the proceedings before the Copyright Claims Board to resolve certain copyright disputes (“Copyright & Trademark Policy to Watch in 2022”).

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