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  • "Webinar Series: Safeguarding Your Secrets in the Digital Age - Part 2," Crowell & Moring Webinar (October 8, 2019). Presenters: Kate M. Growley and Julia Milewski.
  • "CCPA Compliance 101: Preparing for January 1," ACC Southern California (October 7, 2019).
  • "Robots, Drones, Self-Driving Cars, A.I - Oh My!!!" 2019 Fall ABA Tax Meeting, San Francisco, CA (October 4, 2019). Speaker: Carina C. Federico.
  • "Balancing Data Access with Privacy and Security – HHS' Proposed Information Blocking Rules," Healthcare Innovation Webinar (October 3, 2019). Presenters: Jodi G. Daniel and Brandon C. Ge.
  • "Lessons from M&A Cyber Due Diligence and How to Leverage Them for Supply Chain Risk," 2019 GRF Summit on Security & Third-Party Risk, Leesburg, VA (October 2, 2019). Panelist: Matthew B. Welling.
  • "Biosimilar Biological Products," FDLI's Introduction to Biologics and Biosimilars Law and Regulation, Washington, D.C. (October 1, 2019). Presenters: Deborah H. Yellin and Mary Anne Schofield, Ph.D.
  • "Sirris IP-PI Webcast in French on Saisie-Contrefaçon: How to React? How to Prepare?" (September 27, 2019). Presenter: Jan-Diederik Lindemans.
  • "Sanctions: Current Focus and Potential Changes," Managing Regulatory & Compliance Challenges in Shipping Seminar, London, UK (September 27, 2019). Speakers: Michelle J. Linderman and David (Dj) Wolff.
  • "Breaking Up Is So Hard To Do: Can The Antitrust Laws Be Used To Break Up 'Big Tech' Companies," Hispanic National Bar Association Annual Convention, New York, NY (September 27, 2019). Panelist: Juan A. Arteaga.
  • "Can I get a … Diverse Tribunal?" Young ICCA and BASIL Workshop on Improving the Participation of Minorities in International Arbitration, New York, NY (September 26, 2019). Speaker: Randa Adra.
  • "Rules of the Road for Marketing and Advertising on Social Media," FDLI 2019 Food Advertising, Labeling, and Litigation Conference (September 26, 2019). Moderator: Holly A. Melton.
  • "U.S. Trade & Tariffs: The Pain…And the Potential for Savings," Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) Industry Leaders Summit, Baltimore, MD (September 26, 2019). Speaker: Frances P. Hadfield.
  • "Third Thursday--C&M’s September Labor & Employment Update: New Obligations for New York Employers," Crowell & Moring Webinar (September 26, 2019). Presenters: Ira M. Saxe, Eric Su, and Christine B. Hawes.
  • "Confronting the Challenges of Supply Chain Security," Crowell & Moring Webinar (September 25, 2019). Presenters: Adelicia R. Cliffe, Paul Freeman, Kate M. Growley, and Michael G. Gruden.
  • "Anatomy of an Aerosol Product Liability Lawsuit," Southern Aerosol Technical Association, 39th Annual Fall Meeting, Hilton Head, SC (September 25, 2019). Presenter: Clifford J. Zatz.
  • "MSHA's Request for Information (RFI) on Respirable Silica (Quartz) and Implications for a Proposed Rule in Metal and Nonmetal Mines," Industrial Minerals Association, Stevenson, WA (September 25, 2019). Speakers: Ed Green and Monty Cooper.
  • "Data Privacy Principals," 2019 APCIA National General Counsel Conference, Baltimore, MD (September 24, 2019). Panelist: Laura Foggan.
  • "What are the risks and vulnerabilities to the energy infrastructure?" The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Washington, D.C. (September 24, 2019). Panelist: Evan D. Wolff.
  • "Discussion with the Belgian Regulators," Privacy Café, Data Protection Institute, Antwerp, Belgium (September 24, 2019). Debate moderated by Maarten Stassen.
  • Seminar and Book Launch for Chinese Translation of "Business Guide to Trade and Investment, Volume 2 - International Investment," ICC Publications (2018). Co-Editors: Ian A. Laird, Borzu Sabahi and Marat Umerov, Shanghai, China (September 24, 2019). Presenter: Ian A. Laird.
  • "Inspection and Enforcement Authority," FDLI 2019 Food Advertising, Labeling, and Litigation Conference (September 24, 2019). Speaker: John Fuson.
  • "Ethics, Compliance, and Changing Federal Payment Paradigms," CCLC Long Term Care Compliance Forum (September 24, 2019). Presenter: Brian McGovern.
  • "The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) in Ten Slides," What’s New with TSCA and How Does It Intersect with California’s Chemical Regulations, Proposition 65 Clearinghouse Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA (September 23, 2019). Presenter and Panelist: Michael Boucher.
  • "Anatomy of a Data Breach: What You Say (or Don’t Say) Can Hurt You," RSA Charge Conference, Orlando, FL (September 19, 2019). Speaker: Evan D. Wolff.
  • "Anatomy of a Data Breach: What You Say (or Don’t Say) Can Hurt You," RSA Charge 2019 Conference, Orlando, FL (September 18, 2019). Presenter: Evan D. Wolff.