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  • "Courting Trouble? How IOT Attracts Litigation and Liability," Internet of Things (IoT) 2020 Virtual National Institute (September 16, 2020). Presenter: Cheryl A. Falvey.
  • "An Ounce of Prevention: IoT and Insurance," 2020 IoT Virtual National Institute (September 16, 2020). Panelist: Laura Foggan.
  • "Valuing Your Imports for U.S. Customs Entry," Lorman Webinar (September 16, 2020). Faculty: John B. Brew.
  • "Establishing a Scientific Basis for Remediation and Treatment," PFAS Litigation in the Pacific Northwest, Law Seminars International Webinar (September 15, 2020). Panelist: Peter Gray.
  • "Conversation with CEQ Chairman, Mary Neumayr," Edison Electric Institute Webinar (September 15, 2020). Speaker: David Chung.
  • "Export Controls for Government Contractors," Crowell & Moring Webinar (September 15, 2020). Presenters: Adelicia R. Cliffe, Maria Alejandra (Jana) del-Cerro, Stephanie L. Crawford, and Chandler S. Leonard.
  • "Navigating 301 Duties," 2020 International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA) Fall Conference (September 15, 2020). Speaker: John B. Brew.
  • "Agency Alphabet Soup: CDC, CBP, CPSC, DOT, EPA, FDA, FTC, OSHA, TSA The Who. The What. The Why." Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Virtual Product Responsibility Summit (September 14, 2020). Presenter: Cheryl A. Falvey.
  • "Effectiveness of the Revised National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)," Department of the Interior, National Association of Manufacturers, and Continental Resources, Inc., Virtual Panel (September 14, 2020). Moderator: Leland P Frost.
  • "COVID-19 and its HR Impact: Social and fiscal support measures and/or restructuring?” Webinar in collaboration with IJE/IBJ, Mythra Advocaten and FINN, Brussels, Belgium (September 10, 2020). Speakers: Emmanuel Plasschaert, Evelien Jamaels and Stefanie Tack.
  • "The Pandemic Forum: COVID-19's Impact on Geopolitical Risk and Global Resiliency," The Wilson Center (September 10, 2020). Speaker: Evan D. Wolff.
  • "Who’s the regulator? What’s the rule?: Navigating the Regulatory Alphabet Soup," Consumer Products Committee Virtual Meeting (September 10, 2020). Presenter: Cheryl A. Falvey.
  • "Who’s the regulator? What’s the rule?: Navigating the Regulatory Alphabet Soup." Retail Industry Leaders Association's Consumer Products Committee Meeting (September 10, 2020). Presenter: Cheryl A. Falvey.
  • "Legislation in the Time of the Coronavirus,” 11th Law of Shale Plays Conference (September 9, 2020). Presenter: Byron R. Brown.
  • "IoT and Privacy: An Orwellian 1984 or Something More?" ABA IoT 2020 Virtual National Institute (September 9, 2020). Presenter: Kristin J. Madigan.
  • "UN Sanctions and the Humanitarian Crisis in the DPRK," Korea Global Forum for Peace 2020 (September 8, 2020). Speaker: David (Dj) Wolff.
  • "International Trade in a Time of Crisis," Inter-Pacific Bar Association Webinar (September 7, 2020). Moderator: Jeffrey L. Snyder.
  • Election 2020 and the Implications for Your Business (September 3, 2020). Presenters: Byron R. Brown, Robert A. Burton, Jodi G. Daniel, James G. Flood, Thomas P. Gies, Ambassador Robert Holleyman, S. Starling Marshall, and W. Scott Douglas.
  • "International Webinar Series: Compliance Conversations With John Davis on Cybersecurity in the US," LexisNexis Webinar (August 28, 2020). Speaker: John E. Davis.
  • "Going Vertical: FTC/DOJ Final Vertical Merger Guidelines," American Health Law Association Webinar (August 27, 2020). Presenter: Alexis J. Gilman.
  • "Advising clients, mitigating risk and managing practice during Covid-19 – An international perspective," 2020 MLSA Virtual Conference & AGM (August 21, 2020). Presenter: Michelle J. Linderman.
  • "Looking Ahead: Updates for Global Employers on the Impact of Brexit and the COVID-19 Pandemic on Employee Mobility," Crowell & Moring Webinar (August 20, 2020). Presenters: Nicole Janigian Simonian, Stefanie Atchinson, Evelien Jamaels, and Jackson C. Pai.
  • "A Deeper Look at Cross-Border Trade Shifts with Mexico," Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and Global Initiatives Council (August 19, 2020). Moderator: Paul M. Rosen; Council Chair: Nicole Janigian Simonian.
  • "Public Safety Drone Regulation and Policy," InterDrone Webinar Series (August 19, 2020). Presenter: Mary-Caitlin Ray.
  • "USMCA: Advantages and Challenges for OFS," Petroleum Equipment and Services Association Webinar (August 19, 2020). Speaker: John B. Brew.