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  • "Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Impact of Dueling Tech Regulations and Escalating Tensions on Cross-Border Transactions," Crowell & Moring Webinar (November 19, 2020). Presenters: Vassilis Akritidis, Evan Y. Chuck, Robert Holleyman, and Caroline E. Brown.
  • "The Anticipated SBA PPP Information Collection Efforts; What the SBA is Proposing for Borrowers and Implications of the Response," Crowell & Moring Webinar (November 19, 2020). Presenters: Mana Elihu Lombardo, Amy Laderberg O'Sullivan, Paul J. Pollock, Olivia Lynch, and Jared Engelking.
  • "Administrative Record 101: A Litigator’s Guide to Understanding, Compiling, and Using an Administrative Record in an Era of Increasing Uncertainty," 2020 ABA Administrative Law Conference (November 19, 2020). Panelist: Thomas A. Lorenzen.
  • "Hazardous Air Pollutant Activities," 2020 MEGA Symposium: Navigating the Emerging energy Environment (November 17, 2020). Presenter: Robert Meyers.
  • "A FinTech Sector Briefing," LA Area Chamber of Commerce Webinar (November 17, 2020). Moderator: Nicole Janigian Simonian; Presenters: Michelle Ann Gitlitz and Michel C. Narganes.
  • "Competition – What is it Good For? (Competition and Pricing in the U.S. AbilityOne Program)," Melwood Webinar (November 17, 2020). Moderator: Robert A. Burton.
  • "Conflicts of Interest – Recent Decisions on Remedies and Timing Requirements,” ABA Public Contract Law Section, Bid Protest Committee (November 17, 2020). Speaker: Robert J. Sneckenberg.
  • "Opportunities and Challenges for Taiwan Companies under the Trade War," Lexcel Partners Webinar (November 16, 2020). Panelists: Robert A. Burton, Evan Y. Chuck, and David R. Stepp.
  • "ESA & FIFRA in the Courts - The Implications for US Agriculture," 41st Annual AALA Agricultural Law Education Symposium (November 13, 2020). Speaker: Kirsten L. Nathanson.
  • "WITA's Post-Election Analysis," Washington International Trade Association Webinar (November 12, 2020). Speaker: Ambassador Robert Holleyman.
  • "Living with COVID-19: Accelerating Recovery with ICT," AmCham Singapore Webinar (November 12, 2020). Moderator: Clark Jennings.
  • "Creating Tomorrow: Digitization of Retail and Consumer Products - How the Pandemic Will Accelerate Change," Crowell & Moring Webinar (November 12, 2020). Presenters: Cheryl A. Falvey and Ilana Lubin.
  • "Help: A Single Inquiry from a State AG Has Become a Multistate Investigation," ANA Marketing Law Conference (November 12, 2020). Panelists: Clay Friedman, Natalie Ludaway, Paul Singer, Ben Wiseman.
  • "Panel Discussion: Legal/Regulatory Issues Pertaining to Interoperability & Data Sharing," Health Data Unbound Virtual Conference, Actionable Intelligence Network (November 10, 2020).
  • "ALI Restatement of Law Liability Insurance: A Look Back at Its History, Its Use in Courts Today, and a Forecast of Its Future Impact," Women in Insurance Network Virtual Regional CLE Program, ABA's Section of Litigation Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee (November 5, 2020). Panel Member: Laura Foggan.
  • "The New COVID World for the Agency: Impact to Mission/Role of Technology," TiE DC Capital GovCon 2020 Webinar (November 5, 2020). Panelist: Robert A. Burton.
  • "Mergers & Acquisitions: Antitrust – Horizontal Merger Law," The Government Investigations & Civil Litigation Institute's Sixth Annual Meeting (November 4, 2020). Presenter: Alexis J. Gilman.
  • "Antitrust, Patents and Licensing, Oh My!" AIPLA Antitrust Law Annual Meeting: Antitrust, Licensing, Open-Source Program (October 29, 2020). Panelist: Lisa Kimmel.
  • "International Trade and M&A: Due Diligence Considerations," Crowell & Moring Webinar (October 29, 2020). Presenters: Maria Alejandra (Jana) del-Cerro, David (Dj) Wolff, Chandler S. Leonard, Nimrah Najeeb, and Maria Vanikiotis.
  • "Women of Color in the Law," Boston University Women of Color Collaborative (October 29, 2020). Panelist: Preetha Chakrabarti.
  • "Lasting Impacts of COVID-19: Regulatory Convergence and Best Practices in Life Sciences Regulation," 11th Meeting of the APEC Alliance for Supply Chain Connectivity, Virtual (October 29, 2020). Panelist: Patricia L. Wu.
  • "Enhancing Innovative Healthcare Financing in Pursuit of Strong and Resilient Health Systems: The Role of Insurance," APEC Webinar (October 29, 2020). Moderator: Ryan MacFarlane.
  • "Top Energy Projects in North America," 12th Annual North America Infrastructure Leadership Forum, Virtual Webinar (October 28, 2020). Speaker: Larry F. Eisenstat.
  • "Election 2020: Environmental Law and Policy," Crowell & Moring Webinar (October 28, 2020). Presenters: David Chung, Robert Meyers, Byron R. Brown, Paul Freeman, Amanda Shafer Berman, Elizabeth B. Dawson, and Amy Symonds.
  • "The Power of Big Data: The Need for Responsibility and Accountability," Counsel for Medical Specialty Societies, 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting (October 28, 2020). Panelist: Jodi G. Daniel.