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  • "3rd Virtual Conference on U.S.-China Trade Controls," American Conference Institute (September 20, 2021). Speaker: Caroline Brown.
  • "Empowering Female Colleagues Across Generational Differences: How Can We Manage and Capitalize on Generational Diversity in the Workplace," American Conference Institute (July 29, 2021). Speaker: Terry Rea
  • "Navigating Conflicting US-China Sanctions Regimes and Countermeasures," US-China Business Council Podcast (July 27, 2021). Presenter: Evan Chuck.
  • "Taking Advantage of the MTB: Reducing Tariffs Through the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Process," ICPA Summer Conference, Orlando, FL (July 27, 2021). Speaker: John B. Brew.
  • “Digital Health 2021: Telehealth and Remote Monitoring: Requirements, Reimbursement, and Risks under California and Federal Law,” Practising Law Institute (July 22, 2021). Presenters: Alice Hall-Partika, Jodi Daniel, and Lidia Niecko-Najjum.
  • "Interactive Ethics Lab: Overcoming Common Challenges and Ethical Dilemmas in Patent Prosecution" (July 22, 2021). Speaker: Terry Rea
  • “Cyber Year in Review & Forecasts,” National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, (July 22, 2021). Presenter: Alex Urbelis.
  • "Are you Prepared for a Ransomware Attack? Preparing for Threats and Managing the Crisis" (July 21, 2021). Presenters: Michael K. Atkinson, Caroline E. Brown, Laura Foggan, Kristin J. Madigan, CIPP/US, Jeffrey L. Poston, Evan D. Wolff.
  • "Executive Action to Implement Federal Policy for Public Lands – History, Limitations, and Longevity," Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation’s 67th Annual Institute, Public Lands Section (July 21, 2021). Presenter: Amanda Shafer Berman.
  • "Successfully Navigating through CMMC: What You Need to Know," CMMC Panel Webinar. Pondurance, LLC (July 15, 2021). Panelist: Evan D. Wolff.
  • "Key Considerations in Utilizing Real World Evidence for Regulatory Decisions", DIA-CoRE Singapore Annual Meeting 2021 Panel Discussion (July 8, 2021). Session Chair: Nicholas J. Diamond.
  • "The Economics of Biosimilars: Improving Market Access, Sustainable Pricing and Reimbursement Policies," Biosimilars & Innovator Biologics (June 23, 2021). Panelist: Terry Rea.
  • "Ethics in Discovery 2021," Practicing Law Institute (June 23, 2021). Presenters: Preston Pugh, Claudia Morgan, Philip Yannella, and Andrea L. D’Ambra.
  • "The Identification of Trade Secrets in Misappropriation Lawsuits," 2021 Sedona Conference on Developing Guidelines for Trade Secret Issues (June 21, 2021). Panelist: Mark Klapow.
  • "Three Defenses and an Immunity…Saving Your Merger from an Antitrust Challenge," American Health Law Association In-House Counsel Program (June 17, 2021). Panelist: Alexis J. Gilman.
  • "Competition Law Aspects of M&A Transactions: FAQs from In-House Counsel," Webinar in collaboration with IJE/IBJ, Brussels, Belgium (June 17, 2021). Presenters: Thomas De Meese, Peter Broadhurst, and Marieke Van Nieuwenborgh.
  • "The Power of Travel – Driving the Nation’s Recovery," Global Initiatives Council (June 16, 2021). Host: Nicole Janigian Simonian.
  • "Breaking Down IoT: Addressing Complex IoT Issues in the Real World in Real Time," ABA Internet of Things (IoT) National Institute 2021 (June 10, 2021). Panelist: Elizabeth B. Dawson.
  • "Implementation of the FET Exemption for Aircraft Management Services," NBAA GO Aviation Tax & Regulatory Compliance Seminar (June 10, 2021). Panelist: Christopher B. Younger.
  • "Panel Discussion: Digital Health Update from D.C.", Direct Trust Summit 2021 (June 9, 2021).
  • "Beyond California - What's Happening in Privacy and Data Security law in the Rest of the US" PLI's 22nd Annual Institute on Privacy and Cybersecurity Law (June 8, 2021). (June 8, 2021). Presenter: Kristin J. Madigan.
  • "Networking in a Pandemic: How to Stay Calm & Connected in the New Normal," The Inclusion, Diversity & Change: Inspiring Growth [Virtual Summit]: New York (June 2, 2021). Panelist: Michelle Ann Gitlitz.
  • "Socially Necessary Licensing of Technologies," 2021 LESI Annual Conference (May 27, 2021). Panelist: Terry Rea.
  • "Navigating Healthcare and Pharma Deals Under the Biden Administration," Healthcare M&A Seminar (May 26, 2021). Panelist: Alexis J. Gilman.
  • "The State of Healthcare M&A: What's Driving Strategic Partnerships Transactions?" Healthcare M&A Seminar (May 26, 2021). Panelist: Todd D. Rosenberg.