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  • "Feature Comment: The Top FCA Developments Of 2016 For Government Contractors," The Government Contractor (January 11, 2017). Co-Authors: Brian Tully McLaughlin, Jason M. Crawford, Patrick Brown, Nkechi Kanu, Mary Kate Healy, and Sarah Hill.
  • ASBCA Dismisses Army’s $100 Million Cost Disallowance for Failure to State a Plausible Claim (January 10, 2017). Author: Steve McBrady, Terry L. Albertson, Skye Mathieson, and Elizabeth Buehler.
  • The Pen is Mightier: Typewritten Signature Invalidates CDA Claim (January 9, 2017). Co-Authors: Steve McBrady, Skye Mathieson, Charles Baek, and Laura J. Mitchell Baker.
  • "New Powdered Alcohol Ban Could Prove Difficult to Enforce," Daily Journal (January 6, 2017). Author: Molly A. Jones.
  • "Contractor Whistleblower Protections Are Here to Stay," Crowell & Moring's Whistleblower Watch (January 3, 2017). Authors: David B. Robbins and Christine B. Hawes.
  • "Chapter 5: Belgium," The International Comparative Legal Guide to Cartels & Leniency 2017, 10th Edition, Global Legal Group (2017). Author: Thomas De Meese.
  • "Economic Law European Union," monograph International Encyclopedia of Law, Kluwer, 256 p. (2017). Co-Author (with E. Vannieuwenhuyze and P. Sabbadini): Jules Stuyck.
  • "The Role of Preliminary References in the Uniform Application of EU Competition Law," The Consistent Application of EU Competition Law, Substantive and Procedural Challenges, A. Almășan & P. Whelan ‘(eds.), Springer (2017). Author: Jules Stuyck.
  • "The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive: Full Harmonisation, Scope and Key Notions," Marketing and Advertising Law in a Process of Harmonisation, Vol. 70, pp. 65-84 (2017). Author: Jules Stuyck.
  • "Americold, Diversity Jurisdiction, and Modern Business Entities: Reconciling Two Centuries of Supreme Court Precedent with Today’s Domestic and Global Forms of Business Organizations," 16 Journal of International Business & Law 165 (2017). Author: Michael A. Sabino.
  • "Private Eyes: New Federal Privacy Regulations and Their Impact on Contractors," ABA Division 13 Newsletter, Volume 3, Issue 1 (2017). Author: Mimi S. Dennis.
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  • "Environmental Law Handbook," (23d ed.), Bernan Press (January 1, 2017). Co-Author: Michael Boucher.
  • "Missouri District Court Relieves Insurer of Duty to Defend TCPA Suit," Crowell & Moring's Data Law Insights (January 1, 2017). Authors: Ellen MacDonald Farrell, Rachel Raphael, and Thomas Kinney.
  • "Chapter IX. Social Concerns," Bloomberg BNA - Tax Management Portfolios, Business Operations in the European Union (2017). Contributor: Stefanie Tack.