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Nation's Infrastructure Still Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

Aug.04.2011 — ABC News/Politics

Government Contracts Group partner and head of the firm’s Homeland Security practice, David Z. Bodenheimer, is featured for his comments on cyber security and the future of America’s critical infrastructure.

Bodenheimer believes that now is the time for action on cyber security legislation. "We have known about our vulnerabilities in our critical infrastructure for well over a decade, and while there has been some progress we are still remarkably exposed," he said.

Due to the large number of agencies in charge of infrastructure defense, there is a concern by some experts that departments will be confused on certain issues.  According to Bodenheimer, “No doubt the responsibilities are fragmented… Proposed legislative solutions could empower the president to take more direct control in a crisis.  But some critics have already objected to further consolidation and view cyber security reform as a massive overreach by the federal government.”

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