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Influential Women in IP Law: Teresa Stanek Rea

Oct.27.2014 — Law360

Washington, D.C.-based Intellectual Property Group partner and director with C&M International, Terry Rea, was featured as one of Law360's "20 Most Influential Women in IP Law." The article details her astounding accomplishments and provides some kind words that speak to Rea's reputation from those she has worked with throughout her career. David Kappos, who worked with Terry as a director of the USPTO during Rea's tenure as deputy director there told Law360 about the special kind of person Rea is. "What makes Terry special is it's not about training on any specific issue — something you can read about in a book, or what you can do to win a case in an adversarial context where you have practically an infinite amount of time to get ready on a very specific set of facts and laws," Kappos states. "Being the face of the American innovation system to wide-ranging groups is something that you do because you've developed a very different unique set of skills, and that you do well if you've developed those skills to the highest level."

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