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Indian Guest Workers Win $14M in U.S. Signal Trafficking Case

Feb.18.2015 — Law360

The firm’s representation of five Indian guest workers resulted in a successful $14.1 million win in a trafficking case against Signal International LLC. The suit was filed in 2008, charging that Signal used the federal government's H-2B guest-worker program to recruit Indians to work as welders and pipefitters at its facilities in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and Orange, Texas. New York-based attorneys, Alan Howard, Hugh Sandler, Amal Bouhabib, and Chiemi Suzuki, represented the five workers in this case. "The defendants exploited our clients, put their own profits over the lives of these honorable workers, and tried to deny them their day in court," Howard explains. "But they persevered and after seven long years have received the justice they so well deserve." This closely watched case was covered by a wide range of domestic and international legal and mainstream media outlets including, Law360, The New York Times, and The Times-Picayune.

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