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"When Is the Sale Price Not Equal to Fair Value?" American Bar Association's Expert Witnesses Section of Litigation

February 21, 2017. Co-Author: Joseph L. Meadows.

"Post-Escobar Application of the Materiality Standard," Bloomberg Law Federal Contracts Report

January 31, 2017. Authors: Brian Tully McLaughlin, Jason M. Crawford, and Sarah A. Hill.

"SEC Letter Extends Safe Harbor for Broker-Dealers," National Law Journal's FCPA & Anti-Money Laundering: A Special Report

January 30, 2017. Authors: Carlton Greene, Linda Lerner, Eden L. Rohrer, Cari N. Stinebower, and James (J.J.) Saulino.

New 'Market Stabilization Rule' Unlikely To Keep ACA Patients Covered

Feb.23.2017 — DecisionHealth Part B News

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Law360 Government Contracts Editorial Advisory Board

Feb.22.2017 — Law360

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4 Tips For Fending Off Cyber Threats

Feb.17.2017 — Law360

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