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Whistleblower Update 2013: Complying With an Evolving, Growing & Increasingly Enticing Government Program

February 13, 2013 • Webinar

Three thousand tips were called in to the Office of the Whistleblower (OWB) in Fiscal Year 2012,
according to the SEC’s update on this relatively new Dodd-Frank program. Whistleblower claims
under both federal and state laws are on the rise and show no signs of decreasing in years to come.
With recent amendments to a number of whistleblower laws and the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act,
maintaining a whistleblower claim is now easier for employees in many cases. In addition, the potential
payouts for whistleblowers are becoming too enticing for enterprising employees to pass up. Employers must be proactive in creating a comprehensive approach that fosters compliance with applicable statutes, encourages internal reporting by employees, and ensures potential whistleblowers are safe from retaliation.

On Feb. 13, 2013, at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time / 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, LexisNexis will present insights on what in-house counsel need to know about the program from professionals uniquely qualified to address the subject.



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