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Don't Sign That Yet! Tools and Tips for Identifying and Avoiding Common Traps in Commercial Contracts Workshop 2

April 11, 2013 • New York, NY

Contract negotiation skills and contract dispute experience are two great things that work even better together.  Some common contract provisions frequently generate litigation, either because they are unclear as drafted, or because they operate in an unexpected and undesirable way.  At Crowell & Moring, our corporate lawyers and our commercial litigators take a collaborative approach, using integrated corporate and litigation strategies to draft and structure contracts to reduce the likelihood of disputes.

Crowell & Moring invites you to attend a workshop hosted by the firm’s Corporate and Litigation Groups, to share the fruits of this unique, collaborative approach.  So plan to come with your sleeves rolled up to our decidedly un-fancy, but highly practical, workshop for those whose job it is to worry about getting contracts just right.

Workshop 2 – April 11, 2013
Topics Include:

  • Indemnity provisions
  • Representations and warranties (including disclaimers)
  • Limitation of liability
  • Liquidated damages/termination fees/alternative performance/take-or-pay provisions

Crowell & Moring Participant(s):
Paul J. Pollock
Partner – New York
Phone: +1 212.895.4216
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