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"Customs Ruling of the Week – Classification of Knit Socks with Sensors," Crowell & Moring's International Trade Law

June 17, 2019. Authors: Frances P. Hadfield and Rebecca Toro Condori.

"INSIGHT: 10 Year After FCA Amendments, DOJ Using CID Tool In Investigation Belt," Bloomberg Law

June 13, 2019. Authors: David B. Robbins, and Jason M. Crawford.

"Restrictive Covenants in the Fourth Circuit," Crowell & Moring's Trade Secrets Trends

June 12, 2019. Authors: Helen Osun and Laura Schwartz.

Pompeo Dismisses Backlash Over Trump's Foreign Help Remarks As DC 'Silliness' (video clip)

Jun.17.2019 — MSNBC

Related Professionals: Chuck Rosenberg

The Truth About Trade Agreements In The Digital Age

Jun.16.2019 — Salzburg Global Seminar

Related Professionals: Robert Holleyman

Russian Lazareva's Defense Calls For Full Exoneration After Release From Kuwait Prison

Jun.14.2019 — UrduPoint

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