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Client Alerts COFC Grants Summary Judgment on Statutory and Implied-in-Fact Contract Claims in ACA Litigation Jun.14.2019
Firm News Susan M. Hoffman Sworn in as D.C. Bar President Jun.14.2019
Client Alerts OMB's Newly Proposed Acquisition Pilot Program Could Be a Game-Changer Jun.13.2019
Client Alerts Preemption or Pandora's Box: The Supreme Court Agrees to Review the CERCLA Federal/State Divide Jun.13.2019
Presentations "Time's Up for Medicine: #MeToo Targets the Health Care Industry," Crowell & Moring Webinar Jun.13.2019
Client Alerts Administration Seeks Delay in Extending Government Procurement Ban on Certain Chinese Telecommunications Equipment to Federal Contractors and Grant Recipients Jun.12.2019
Client Alerts The Month in International Trade – May 2019 Jun.12.2019
Publications "Restrictive Covenants in the Fourth Circuit," Crowell & Moring's Trade Secrets Trends Jun.12.2019
Publications "Threatened Tariffs Against Mexico Indefinitely Suspended," Crowell & Moring's International Trade Law Jun.12.2019
Presentations "International Perspectives on Compliance and Ethics Trends," Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress Canada, Toronto, Canada Jun.12.2019
In the News "Barbara McQuade: Greed and Power (Podcast)," The Oath With Chuck Rosenberg Jun.12.2019
In the News "FTC Demands Could Mean Months-Long Delay For Roche-Spark Deal," BioPharma Diva Jun.12.2019
Client Alerts It’s Time for a Raise! DoD Proposes to Increase CPSR Threshold Jun.11.2019
Publications "Evaluation of the Patient Request Process for Radiology Imaging in U.S. Hospitals," RSNA Radiology Jun.11.2019
Presentations "Understanding the False Claims Act Risks Facing U.S. Importers," Crowell & Moring Webinar Jun.11.2019
In the News "What Is The Dem Endgame With Contempt Vote? (video clip)," MSNBC Jun.11.2019
Publications "New Technology is the New Wave in Consumer Protection: Is Your Company Ready?," Crowell & Moring's Retail & Consumer Products Law Observer Jun.11.2019
Client Alerts Title VII Claim Proceeds Despite Failure to Amend EEOC Charge Jun.10.2019
Presentations "The Government Contract Intellectual Property Workshop," Federal Publication Seminar, Boston, MA and Hilton Head Island, SC June 10-12, 2019 and July 24-26, 2019
Client Alerts From Roundup® to Oatmeal: The Next Trend in Glyphosate Litigation? Jun.10.2019