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Webinar Series: Protecting Trade Secrets and other Intellectual Property with Blockchain

January 14, 2020 • Webinar

Starts: 2:00 PM (EST)
Ends: 3:00 PM (EST)

Trade secrets are only as valuable as they are secret, and against a backdrop of cybersecurity threats and international risks, companies need to stay steps ahead of bad actors to ensure the protection of their most sensitive data and to gain a competitive edge. Blockchain technology is a powerful tool, outside of just the realm of cryptocurrency, that can be utilized to safely encrypt and thereby protect trade secrets.

Join Crowell & Moring attorneys Kayvan Ghaffari and Josh Rychlinski to hear ways you can implement blockchain technology into your information technologies systems, and use it to practically and legally protect your trade secrets, or other intellectual property rights, to give you back your piece of mind.

This webinar is the first in Crowell & Moring’s new Trade Secrets Webinar Series, a live webinar on the second Tuesday of each month. These webinars will be dedicated to helping companies create best practices around their trade secrets, identify potential weaknesses, and provide them with practical knowledge on how to secure their most valuable information.
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