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Third Thursday Webinar: New Year, New Look at the Enforceability of Employee No-Solicitation Agreements -- State Law Developments

February 28, 2019 • Webinar

Starts: 12:00 PM (EST)
Ends: 1:00 PM (EST)

Please join us for the next edition of Third Thursday – Crowell & Moring’s Labor and Employment Update, a webinar series dedicated to helping our clients stay on top of developing law and emerging compliance issues.

Employers frequently enter into restrictive covenants with their employees, including those that prohibit former employees from recruiting other employees away from their current employment. These agreements are intended to protect the employer’s intellectual property, trade secrets and other business interests. They have generally been viewed by employers and courts as routinely enforceable. However, recent state law developments, including recent decisions in California and Wisconsin, suggest that these restrictions may face additional scrutiny from increasingly skeptical courts. These decisions may require further review of current restrictive covenants.

During this webinar, we will discuss the recent developments regarding employee solicitation restrictions in California, Wisconsin, and other states. We will then address best practices with respect to such agreements.

This webinar is scheduled for February 28, 2019, at 12:00 pm Eastern. We hope that you can join us and participate in a lively discussion of these issues.

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