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Speeches & Presentations

  • "Policy Hour: Deep Dive Into the NYC Bias Audit Law," Holistic AI Webinar, 2023. (March 15, 2023). Speaker: Jacob Canter.
  • "Minimizing Risks When Launching Smart Medical Devices," Crowell & Moring Webinar, 2023. (March 9, 2023). Speakers: Johh Fuson, Anne Elise Herold Li, Garylene Javier.
  • "Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Heading, and Practical Steps to Implement Now: The DOJ’s Updated Corporate Criminal Enforcement Policies and What They Mean for Companies Today," Crowell & Moring Webinar, 2023. (March 8, 2023). Presenters: Tiffany Wynn, Stephen M. Byers, Trina Fairley Barlow, Rebecca Monck Ricigliano
  • "Russia One Year Later: Lessons Learned, Lingering Risks, and 2023 Predictions," Crowell & Moring Webinar Series, 2023. (March 7, 2023). Speakers: Carlton Greene, Michelle J. Linderman, Jason Prince, Anand Sithian, Nicole Sayegh Succar, and Dj Wolff.
  • "Brady – How to Actually Get it All," ABA White Collar Crime 2023, Miami, Florida. (March 2, 2023). Speaker: Rebecca Monck Ricigliano.
  • "A Cybersecurity Blind Spot: The Domain Name System," Crowell & Moring CLE Presentation, NYC, NY. (February 28, 2023). Speakers: Alexander Urbelis.
  • “West Virginia v. EPA: How the Major Questions Doctrine Limits Federal Agencies’ Role in Addressing Climate Change and Other Big Problems,” Institute for Energy Law – 74th Annual Energy Law Conference, Houston, TX. (February 17, 2023). Speaker: Thomas Lorenzen.
  • "Crushing the Customs Audit (and related investigations): How to Survive and Thrive During Compliance Review," Sanchez Devanny Webinar, 2023. (February 16, 2023). Speaker: Maria Vanikiotis.
  • "ABA Section of Taxation 2023 MidYear Tax Meeting," American Bar Assocation, San Diego, CA. (February 11, 2023). Speaker: S.Starling Marshall.
  • "Prevailing Wage and Apprenticeship Guidance Under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)," Crowell & Moring Webinar, 2023. (January 11, 2023). Presenters: David B. Blair, Ira M. Saxe, Eric Su, Katie Aber
  • “Retail and the Metaverse,” Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Privacy Committee Meeting (December 16, 2022). Speaker(s): Joachim B. Steinberg, Gage Javier.
  • "Promoting ESG Performance: Risks and Rewards," ANA Masters of Advertising Law Conference, Hollywood, FL. (November 9, 2022). Speaker: Preetha Chakrabarti.
  • "First Annual Venture Capital Outlook: The Times Are A-Changing!?" CFA Society, New York, NY. (October 19, 2022). Speaker: Steven D. Ryan
  • "Regulators' Focus On Messaging Apps & The Impact on Civil Investigations & Litigation" EDI Leadership Summit, Miami Beach, FL. (October 13, 2022). Speaker: John E. Davis.
  • "Insider Trading Law 2022," Practising Law Institute, New York, NY. (October 13, 2022). Speaker: Rebecca Monck Ricigliano.
  • "Legal Developments in Arbitration in the MENA Region," World Arbitration Update Webinar, 2022. (September 27, 2022). Speakers: Randa Adra.
  • "Best Practices for Responding to IDRs, Including Privilege and Controlling Information Flow in an Audit Setting", TEI 2022 Audits & Appeals Seminar, Tysons, VA. (September 21, 2022). Speaker: S. Starling Marshall.
  • “You’ve got to move it: Data protection and privacy with cross-border transfers.” The Masters Conference NYC (September 21, 2022). Speaker John E. Davis.
  • Social Engineering: Ethics, Morality & the Law, Def Con 30 (August 12, 2022). Speaker: Alex Urbelis.
  • The UN Brief, Cybersecurity Reporting & Assessing the Work of the United Nations in Cyberspace, Twitter Space (July 28, 2022). Speaker: Alex Urbelis.