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C5 - Bringing and Defending Litigation Against EU Institutions

March 1-2, 2012 • Brussels, Belgium

Writing persuasive written pleadings and maximising the time provided in the oral hearing is an art and the better you are the greater the chances of success for your client.  Although the procedural rules stipulate the requirements to be followed and there is additional guidance on the websites of the European Courts, there are no manuals or other literature to guide you.  Even for lawyers who have been in private practice for many years, litigation before the European Courts can be a real challenge as it is so different from litigation before national courts.  Fortunately these skills can be taught and C5 has gathered together a spectacular faculty of current and former judges and experienced practitioners to give you inside tips and techniques.  This intensive two day course is a mixture of legal grounding and practical, interactive exercises.  This programme is specially designed to help you gain confidence when litigating before the European Courts.

Werner Berg will be speaking on March 2.  His topic is "Best Practices for Writing Persuasive Written Pleadings."

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