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C5 - 23rd Annual Forum on Biotech & Pharmaceutical Patenting

October 10-11, 2012 • London, UK

C5’s 23rd Forum on Biotech & Pharmaceuticals Patenting brings together experienced in-house counsel from both innovator and generic pharma and biotech companies and their expert legal advisors from various jurisdictions across the globe. Based on their personal experience, the expert panel will lead you through invaluable, practical, and in-depth sessions on:

  • The latest case law developments regarding SPCs and the impact on the industry
  • The patentability of diagnostic methods and the implications of the Prometheus case in the US
  • A comparison of the approaches in the EU member states on research exemptions in clinical trials
  • The use of patent litigation insurance cover to enable smaller life science developers to protect their IP
  • The latest strategies and priorities of the EPO
  • A comparison of the approaches to inventiveness in different member states in the EU
  • Procedural developments in Europe, including developments in evidence collection proceedings
  • Analysing the US Biosimilars Framework  and developments in the EU
  • An update on case law in key jurisdictions including the US, UK, Germany, France and Switzerland

Sean-Paul will be speaking during the session "Minimise the Risk of Your Patent Strategy Falling Foul of Anti-Competition Laws in the US and the EU in an Era of Heightened Regulatory Scrutiny."

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