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Delivering the right outcome is only one part of the job. You need to manage legal budgets. You crave predictability. You want a better correlation between cost and quality of work. From the routine to the complex, however, too often you get from your outside counsel that predicting costs is too hard.

To this, we say “nonsense.” Alternative fee arrangements—or, as we like to call them, value-based billing agreements—are a key tool to managing legal spend. All client engagements are suitable for value-based pricing. We believe in this just like we believe in our ability to win. So our solutions go beyond the billable hour. We offer flat fees, performance bonuses, partial or total contingency fees, client-satisfaction holdbacks, and other creative approaches to pricing legal services. There is no one-size-fits-all billing model. It’s one-size-fits-one: you.

Handbook for Value-Based Billing Engagements - PDF


In a complex, competitive, and global business, define a better strategy for managing legal costs.


AT&T issued a challenge to its law firms: propose solutions beyond the billable hour. Crowell’s AT&T team strategized a creative, entrepreneurial approach to managing legal fees for AT&T. We proposed flat fees, blended rates and other innovative billing structures—all created expressly for AT&T.


Multiple matters—including complex litigation—were transferred to Crowell literally overnight. Working as a team and taking a long-haul approach, we have helped AT&T manage legal budgets, even in the most complex matters.