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Crowell Collaborate: Managing Matters Together

Crowell Collaborate is an integrated matter management tool that offers dynamic, real-time services as well as solutions tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Crowell & Moring has developed Crowell Collaborate as a set of pricing and legal project management (LPM) resources to plan, report and track the development of engagements. By utilizing Crowell Collaborate, we extend value to our clients beyond the fee arrangement and through resolution by providing a practical approach to matter management that is dynamic and customizable.

Through Crowell Collaborate budgeting, we prepare detailed plans to share with our clients. Transparency is key: we communicate the direction and scope of work from the start to prevent any misalignment of strategy from occurring. Timing is another vital component to a matter’s success. Crowell Collaborate’s monitoring and alerting functions allow our attorneys to pinpoint milestones reached as a matter progresses. These monitoring reports and alerts help our attorneys facilitate internal and client discussions about strategy, how to re-allocate staffing, or adjust scope of work. These conversations help us constantly assess and align ourselves with our clients’ business objectives and further our commitment to delivering on the ever important areas of cost control, predictability, and responsiveness.

Crowell Collaborate Planning

Our detailed plans and budgets begin with our clients’ goals in mind. We then employ targeted historical firm data as well as court and peer data analytics to serve as helpful insights. Crowell Collaborate budgets contemplate phases, staffing, scope, assumptions and fees. We also model different scenarios and versions of the plan to account for alternative staffing models, fee arrangements, and/or scope. Ultimately, we aim to provide work plans that are realistic, workable, agile, and client-focused. Through planning, we can also set up a client or matter for periodic reports (weekly, biweekly, monthly) and immediate alerts when the matter (or phases within the matter) reach customized thresholds (see more on this below).

Crowell Collaborate Monitoring

Our Crowell Collaborate dashboard allows us to monitor the status of our matters by providing a summary view of the budget, arrangement, status of the matter (actuals v. budget), team contacts and dates. The dashboard also includes a detailed view that provides a basic hours/fee summary as well as the number of customized matter reports and notifications received for the matter.

Crowell Collaborate Reporting & Alerts

Crowell Collaborate reports are sent by email to our matter teams and report on how the matter is tracking at customized intervals. Crowell Collaborate reports can be tailored to include data points based on the needs of particular arrangements, matter teams, and clients. These reports prompt consideration of how the matter or particular phases are tracking against the overall budget, and if the matter is being worked at the planned staffing mix. Likewise, the Pricing & LPM team reviews all reports and prompts responsive action and internal and client communication as necessary.

Crowell Collaborate also provides real-time alerts that notify our attorneys when a matter has reached designated customized thresholds: a certain number of hours, a certain amount in fees, or a percentage of the budget. As new time is entered into our time and billing system, alerts are delivered to our attorneys’ and the Pricing & LPM team’s inboxes within minutes of the threshold being reached. Attorneys then assess the alert, respond, and/or communicate critical information to the client without delay.