Our commitment to innovation is driven by our commitment to drive value for you, our client. We take a client-first approach by prioritizing our innovation efforts in areas that will make the biggest positive impact on your matters and to your business. This includes everything from the talent we seek to recruit, to how we develop the right skills to meet your needs for high quality results, to creatively pricing matters to give you predictability and a structure that works for your business, to introducing new roles, processes, and technologies that help us deliver efficient, effective results, to advancing social change. We are investing in your future by putting our firm at the forefront of the changing practice of law and redefining our role as strategic advisers.

Examples of innovation at Crowell include:


Most AmLaw 100 firms have professional development programs. But we take it one step further with our Sponsorship Program. Sponsorship gets to the heart of developing all of our talent to its fullest. It's about partners investing their professional capital in the development of our young lawyers. It’s about our young lawyers taking ownership of their careers.

Value-Based Billing

Alternative fee arrangements—or, as we like to call them, value-based billing agreements—are a key tool to managing legal spend. All client engagements are suitable for value-based pricing. We believe in this just like we believe in our ability to win. Our solutions go beyond the billable hour. We offer flat fees, performance bonuses, partial or total contingency fees, client-satisfaction holdbacks, and other creative approaches to pricing legal services. There is no one-size-fits-all billing model.

Crowell Collaborate Reporting & Alerts

Crowell Collaborate reports on how matters are financially tracking at customized intervals. Reports can be tailored to include data points based on the needs of particular arrangements, matter teams, and clients. Crowell Collaborate also provides real-time alerts that notify our attorneys when a matter has reached designated customized thresholds. As new time is entered into our time and billing system, alerts are delivered to our attorneys’ and the Pricing & LPM team’s inboxes within minutes of the threshold being reached. Attorneys then assess the alert, respond, and/or communicate critical information to the client without delay.

Technology and Experience

Our growing innovation team is empowered to turn your feedback and wish lists into action. We aren’t afraid to try new things when it comes to people, process, and technology. We are introducing new roles, including Practice Innovation & Knowledge Attorneys with the time and skillsets to devote to practice specific innovations (at no cost to you). We are developing new processes, including around our delivery of client portals – to ensure that we maximize the value of these platforms for you and our lawyers. And we are exploring and implementing new technologies across every practice area, to ensure that our lawyers are equipped with the best tools on the market to capture knowledge and deliver outstanding results.


Maybe you need a specialist that you can’t find the budget to recruit. Maybe you need an associate to help with the complexities of a big deal. Maybe you need deep access to one of our many areas of experience. Whatever the reason, to our secondees, you and your business always come first. What better way for us to understand your unique challenges than to live and breathe them right along with you?

Crowell On Call

Your business never stops—neither will your lawyers at Crowell & Moring. In a climate of intense competition and regulatory oversight, having access to sound and responsive legal counsel on a 24/7 basis is as critical as ever to making timely business decisions and aggressively pursuing opportunity. Confident in our ability to provide demonstrable value to our clients, we

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