Background - Careers 2017
What is the most memorable thing that happened on your first day on the job? What is the number one thing on your bucket list? Why did you become a lawyer? What is the number one thing that is different about working here? How do you stay motivated? What's the best compliment you ever got at work? What makes you proud to work here? What's the best career advice you ever got? How do you define strength?

How do you define strength?

Being able to acknowledge your weaknesses and work to improve on them.

Astor Heaven

Preparation, creativity, hard work, and good facts.

Cheryl Falvey

The ability and the commitment to be successful.

Keith Harrison

Strength is the recognition and acceptance that none of us know everything, but wishing that we did and striving to do so.

Shawn Johnson

The ability to overcome obstacles.

Mark Supko

The most impressive show of strength is often the exercise of moderation and restraint.

Stephen McBrady

Having the stamina to go for the long run, while nonetheless being ready to sprint if new circumstances or developments require you to do so.

Jan-Diederik Lindemans

Being able to stand up for what you know is right, even if others disagree.

Anne Elise Herold Li