Background - Careers 2017
What is the most memorable thing that happened on your first day on the job? What is the number one thing on your bucket list? Why did you become a lawyer? What is the number one thing that is different about working here? How do you stay motivated? What's the best compliment you ever got at work? What makes you proud to work here? What's the best career advice you ever got? How do you define strength?

How do you stay motivated?

My clients. Not only do they deserve my best, but I also want to do my best for them.

Beatrice Nguyen

Make sure there is at least one fun (work-related) project each day.

Anne Li

Working on cutting edge issues from climate change to health care reform keeps me going strong.

Kathleen Sooy

I am always thinking about how to create cutting-edge opportunities that keep me challenged. On the day-to-day activities, I think about what I’m learning along the way.

Jodi Daniel