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What Our Clients Say

During our five-year association, Crowell & Moring came to know our company as well as we did, if not better. They did a masterful job of representing Khan at all stages of the international arbitration, all on a cost effective basis.

Grant Edey
President and CEO, Khan Resources Inc.

Crowell gives us great service. I find that Crowell & Moring lawyers are always engaging. You know they're good to talk to. They know a lot more than just our case. They know a lot of things around our case. I like that. I appreciate curiosity, and I try to be curious. I try to work about the edges, and they're always versatile in that respect. They're down to earth. So, I'm not talking to lawyers who have their nose in the air. They speak to us just peer to peer.

On billing practices, Crowell shows a fair amount of flexibility and that is very appreciated. We've done several different types of alternative fee arrangements, and I think they've all worked out well. And I believe Crowell staffs matters efficiently.

Ed Ryan
Retired Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Marriott International, Inc.

As one of our Primary Law Firms for twenty years, Crowell & Moring has consistently contributed to the advancement of the DuPont Legal Model. Indeed, the firm has been awarded both our Challenge and Leader's Circle awards. Crowell & Moring embraces a dynamic, integrated approach to providing legal services to DuPont and demonstrates significant leadership in applying business disciplines to the practice of law. Crowell is a trusted partner to DuPont.

Thomas Sager
Former Senior Vice President and General Counsel, DuPont

The Crowell antitrust team was a critical part of our ability to acquire the Hostess brands, and they did an amazing job for Flowers.

Ryals McMullian
Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Flowers Foods, Inc.

Crowell & Moring has invested in important ways in building a valuable and enduring relationship with GW, including seconding one of its lawyers to fill a critical need on our team on a temporary basis. The innovative arrangement worked out very well for us and we were extremely pleased with the quality of lawyering and value we received.

Beth Nolan
Senior Vice President & General Counsel, The George Washington University

One thing I wish law firms understood more is our sensitivity to billing and charges that get passed on to us. Crowell is really outstanding in that regard. They're very sensitive to what our concerns are and work very closely with us to resolve them. Other firms that we've had issues with are not so sensitive to that, and it’s pretty interesting to see it on this side.

Michael Martinez
Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Marriott International, Inc.

Instead of paying lawyers, we like it when our lawyers bring us checks. The Crowell lawyers brought us the recovery opportunity and then recovered millions of dollars for us. They know how to do this right.

Jim Ellis
former Executive Vice President & General Counsel, AT&T

For a decade, we have retained Crowell & Moring for our most significant litigation matters with great results. Frankly, that's why we turn to the firm again and again. Because they win our toughest cases for us. They consistently provide practical advice and exceptional client service, and the quality of lawyering is second to none. Crowell & Moring sets the bar by which I measure all other law firms.

Rick Kastner
General Counsel, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

Crowell & Moring's litigation team gets spectacular results for us. Their client service commitment is unparalleled. And their ability to take problems off my plate and free me up to focus on other things is invaluable.

Rene Friedman
Global Head of Legal & Compliance, INTL FCStone

Whenever we have an urgent and important matter, whether in Belgium or elsewhere in EMEA, Crowell & Moring is one of the first firms I call. They are efficient and effective and are true problem solvers. They advise on the best course of action, develop the strategy, and put us in contact with the right lawyers on the ground. Crowell & Moring takes care of our toughest challenges for us so we don't have to.

Philippe Delsaut
Vice-President Legal EMEA & APAC, Newell Rubbermaid

Crowell & Moring treated us as if we were a giant company and partnered with us from start to finish.

Jim Pearson
President and CEO, SUFI

I attended every day of the five-week trial. Crowell & Moring's attorneys not only worked hard, but were terrific both in and out of the courtroom. What we formed was not an 'attorney-client relationship,' but a true, caring friendship.

Steve Myers, Jr.
Managing Director, SUFI

My experience with Crowell & Moring has been spectacular. They handled several matters, including several crisis matters, and while I had high hopes for the outcome, the results were even better than expected. The Crowell team was very smart, strategic, cost-effective and highly responsive. It was our very good fortune to have the Crowell lawyers on our side. It’s rare that a US Government lawyer will go out of his way to compliment opposing counsel, but that’s exactly what happened. The Assistant U.S. Attorney handling our case made a point of telling me that we had been very well served by our lawyers at Crowell and that, “if you read the DOJ USAO Handbook, Crowell’s representation and defense of MTS was textbook and a great example of how to achieve great results for clients.

Steven G. Mahon
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, MTS Systems Corporation

Crowell & Moring's lawyers aren't just strategic thinkers, they're proactive ones. They identified and helped us to recover $20 million in funds that we never would have known about were it not for their efforts. That kind of proactivity that contributes to our bottom line is invaluable to us.

Tom Laffey
General Counsel, Enterprise Holdings

Today's jury decision is an enormous victory for global intellectual property protection and the millions of users of DuPont™ Kevlar® technology and products. The size of this award is one of the largest in defense of business processes and technologies.

Thomas Sager
Former Senior Vice President and General Counsel of DuPont,
after DuPont's $919.9 million victory in the trade secret theft case against Kolon Industries Inc.,
for which Crowell & Moring served as co-counsel

When we were looking to expand our trial bench on an active docket of toxic tort cases in California, we reached out to our trial team at Crowell. Our trial attorneys have been ready to go at a moment's notice, to get up to speed quickly and effectively, and to passionately defend our interests. Crowell enthusiastically embraces the challenge of being brought into contentious cases at the 11th hour. Our trial attorneys think creatively about how best to present the case and are relentless advocates for us in the courtroom. We greatly appreciate Crowell's devotion to our needs, and the diligence, expertise and real trial skill they bring to difficult cases.

Chief Corporate Litigation Counsel and Assistant General Counsel of a Multi-National Company

They are the go-to firm for our most difficult challenges. They boil things down so it is very tough to counter the positions they put forward. They have top flight legal minds, in terms of both strategy and presentation.

Charlie Robinson
General Counsel, University of California

When we needed trial lawyers to handle our toughest litigation matter, we turned to Crowell. We were glad that we did. They were quick to get up to speed in a complex case, creative in their approach and outstanding advocates in the courtroom.

John LaRocca
Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Actavis

We use Crowell & Moring because they are among the most innovative antitrust counsel around. They have aggressively pursued recovery opportunities for us and are tenacious and formidable antitrust litigators whom we trust with our toughest cases.

Scott Offer
General Counsel, Motorola

We rely on Crowell as a true partner helping us achieve our growth and other business goals. Their experience and knowledge of the marketplace for California technology companies better enable us to capitalize on new opportunities. Whether on legal issues such as complex transactions or litigation or other aspects of our business, they take our business interests to heart and view our success as their success.

Avi Katz
CEO, GigOptix

Crowell & Moring scored wins for us in the federal district and appellate courts in major environmental litigation with the U.S. Justice Department, the U.S. Forest Service and the Sierra Club, significantly improving the oil and gas industry's ability to operate in the Allegheny National Forest, a four-county portion of the Marcellus-Utica shale region in western Pennsylvania. The legal work they did for us was excellent, and they helped us to achieve great results against formidable opponents.

Craig Mayer
Secretary, Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association

The National Mining Association has relied upon Crowell & Moring for over three decades for representation in some of our most important regulatory litigation. We know that they will provide excellent legal work from start to end, with a team of lawyers who know our industry well and are dedicated to our success.

Katie Sweeney
General Counsel, National Mining Association

We recently hired Crowell & Moring to handle a litigation matter for us in California. The lawyers managing the case were masterful. They honed in on the key issues right away, were not distracted by the less important ones—as many litigators are—and orchestrated every aspect of the case to perfection.

Roger S. Greene
Corporate Secretary and Executive Director, Patient Home Monitoring, Inc.